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Copyright, especially as intrusive as that, should be in the code, not cluttering your view.


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Due to

<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" href="http://punbb.informer.com/forums/extern.php?action=feed&amp;tid=19354&amp;type=atom" title="Atom" />

in the header, the browser requests that page and sets prev_url.


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gunzip should do fine, no?


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You'll indeed have to recreate most of the code, but the database will remain intact.


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You can just use the hdiff to upgrade, all mods should keep working wink


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How would they buy FluxBB if the developers don't want to sell it?


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URI = Unified Resource Identifier
URL = Unified Resource Link

(well, not sure about the Unified.)


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Just to note I'm fully supporting this fork and will thus not be further developing any of my extensions for PunBB. They however have been ported to FluxBB (along with a few new ones), and will only be supported and continued there.

You can write extensions along with your style if you *really* need to change things.


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1.3 allows to do that.

Nah, that isn't too hard.


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It'll break compatibility with alot of mods.


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Well, it obviously isn't a PunBB issue judging by those search results wink

The best idea is to change your passwords, and make sure they aren't displayed publicly anywhere.


Oops, didn't see this was in the 1.3 forum. You'll have to replace <!-- pun_navlinks -->.

Edit include/template/main.tpl and replace <pun_navlinks> with the embed code for your menu.


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You do have a good point there. Another shitload of spam ontop of the shitload already in this mailbox wouldn't be very fun to have.

No. But you can set each group to have the same priviledges (except for moderator priviledges).

Leader Group 1, Member Group 1 etc would be easiest.

Try deleting PunBB's cache.


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In the install code, you can check if the tables already exist and do a database upgrade if necessary. Then just boost the version number and you can upgrade it from the extension installation page.

You could have a hidden form element specifying which scheme to use, and use JS to build the correct URL for it.

Make sure $topic_id is set.

That first bit of code looks like a bug indeed. It should be

return htmlspecialchars(($value == '1') ? $lang_epf['Yes'] : $lang_epf['No']);

The second line works as it should, I don't see why it should be changed. Round() allows for larger numbers, not that it'll ever be needed, but it's there.