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Frank H wrote:

they can be if you use the hdiff when upgrading ... easy interface, that shows where new rows are and where you replace, and where to remove rows ... it's really easy to upgrade through it smile



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Rickard wrote:


Any chance upgrades can be like mods, telling you what to add and replace/add below?

Heh, didn't see that.
Ironically, that's what I was going to call it.


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scottywz wrote:

+ No COPPA compliance (many people, like myself, don't have the time, money, or big mailboxes to comply with that thing) If someone wants to comply with it in PunBB, they can make a mod to do so.
+ See most of above
- See most of above

+ See most of above
- COPPA Compliance (see above)
- See most of above

Hm.....not much variety.

Is there a program that installs mods for you by editing the source code? I was considering making one. It'd be easier and faster, though mod makers would have to use the program to create config settings (I would do this if I had the time, though). Is there one? And, any comments / ideas?

Ohhh, didn't see it!
it turned out to be my Kerio firewall.

-== SOLVED =--


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Awesome! I love mods!
But...when you upgrade PunBB, does it replace the files? Will you have to re-mod them?


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Oh, didn't know there was one! Are there many mods?


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That's a shame that you don't plan to add a messenger, because it's a nice way of communicating, since you can tell when they're online to recieve it, they can't get untraceable spam , etc. PunBB looks really good but I don't think I'll use it if it lacks such a thing.