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It's a big thing that most forums have that PunBB is still missing hmm

Colored Usernames according to each member class. Maybe make it user-friendly
so we can change the color of each class through the administrator panel.

It's a neat little feature worth thinking about. smile

If not, I already made my own and I would be happy to share.

Thanks for finally understanding it, i'll test it and see if it works.

Edit: Nope, didn't work sad Anyone else think they can help me?

No, i'm creating something where the user posts and below the "Registered: 00-00-00" it will output "Group: Members" or "Group: Administrators" but if the user is banned what would i use to make it say "Group: Banned"... that's my question.

creaturecorp wrote:

Why are you recreating something that is already built into punbb? If it's just the placement you want to change, do so.

Do you know how to make groups?

You probably didn't understand my question. I need to know if there's a variable or a function or something that would tell me if a certain user is banned so the $group variable would output "Banned" if the user that has posted is banned.

Sorry for the double post but can anyone please help me?

My MSN is xblueorbx@gmail.com if you wanna talk to me about this.

Connorhd wrote:

why don't you look how it currently works out if you are banned and use that?

Because I didn't find it...

Connorhd wrote:

If you ban someone their Title changes to Banned

I know, but is there a specific variable or function that you can use to figure out if the user is banned?

This is the code i'm using on viewtopic.php:

if ($cur_post['g_id'] == '1')
$group = 'Administrators';

if ($cur_post['g_id'] == '2')
$group = 'Moderators';

if ($cur_post['g_id'] == '3')
$group = 'Guest';

if ($cur_post['g_id'] == '4')
$group = 'Members';

$user_info[] = '<dd>Group: '.$group;

I need something like:

if (user is banned) {
$group = 'Banned';

Understand what i'm doing now?

creaturecorp wrote:

It does that already though.

No it doesn't, you probably didn't understand my question. I'll rephrase it:

I added "Group: blahblah" to show up on people's post, but if i ban someone the group shows up as members, i need it to show up as "Banned"... Understand now?

Thanks, looks really good smile This one is really improved.

What i'm trying to do is add another entry to the $user_info[] array on the file viewtopic.php, it shows what group they are on by adding a "Group: Blah Blah" below "Registered: Blah Blah" on each post.

What i have now works perfectly fine except for banned users. I need to know how to figure out if the user is banned or not, and if true the group is called "Banned", anyone wanna help?


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j2k4b wrote:
CodeXP wrote:

You do not have permission to view these forums.

Sounds like a gimick to get you registered on that board.

Umm... are you stupid? Someone made a test user so you can check it out.

Username: Test
Password: Test

Alright, thanks for the try, i'll just have to give up tongue Thanks anyways.

It's not really uploading, because it's running of of my computer. Anyways, i'll try. And I made guests allowed like you wanted me to.

Yes, I downloaded it, and installed it the way it said on the Readme.

This is the Chat folder: www.mysqlhurts.com/img/chat.jpg

I'm running an Apache 2 server, php 4, mysql 4.1, PunBB 1.2.9. When I try to connect to the chat, it gives me this:

Startup errer : java.lang.Error: Unable to load interface pixx : java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: irc.gui.pixx.Interface

Any help? Oh, and if you want the link to my website it's www.mysqlhurts.com

This would be a lot easier if you do it with a DB. Brower cookies? Nah...

I'll try to make something similar to what you're talking about.


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I edited most of it by hand, put some Mods here and there, and Voila!


I tried to make this mod for people who had colored usergroups. But for some reason it wasn't working. Can someone help me with this? I want the 20 most active users to have their corresponding usergroup color. Thanks.



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Sorry, I didn't post enough info. I'm running MySQL version 4.1.12a, my php version is 4.3.11. For some reason i also get an error when trying to log in to phpMyAdmin. The error is the same:

#1251 - Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client


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When run install.php and click on submit, this is what it returns:

An error occured on line 58 in file C:\Server\Apache2\htdocs\include\dblayer\mysql.php.

PunBB reported: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client

What can i do to fix it?

Bump. Someone please help me.

shinko_metsuo wrote:

What type of Database are you using?

SQLite. Is that why this is happening? I thought of that but i'm not sure.

okay, i just downloaded the colored usergroups 1.0.2 and when i try to run and install it, this is what i get:

File: C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\install_mod.php
Line: 24

PunBB reported: Unable to add column "g_color" to table 

Database reported: SQL logic error or missing database (Errno: 1)

Could someone please help me solve this problem. I'd really appreciate it.