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I track the ip address. I give a warning on the site that you can NOT sign up more than once in 24hrs. If the same ip tries to access the sign up form more than once in 24hrs I block their ip address for 24hrs and redirect them to my error script. Then the script deletes their entry in the db. If I start having trouble from one particular ip address I block it permanently, they simply cant get to the sign up script.

I also check for ban words, both during sign up and on the forum. Anyone using a ban word on the forum is immediately removed from the db. Checking my db, it doesnt look like anything has even gotten as far as the forum to be ban.

Works fine so far.


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Thanks guys, I've finally got it figured out after being up all nite.
I like this : define
Very handy


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I am new to php and I am curious how this bit of code works:

// Make sure no one attempts to run this script "directly"
if (!defined('PUN'))

I have been looking for something/anything that would point to how this works.
It doesn't seem to be a function as there are no "includes" prior.
So what does define 'PUN".

Thanks in advance.

Thats the last thing I would have thought of.


Before I start I would like to say "Great Forum Script", I love it.

Ok, I downloaded punbb 1.2.5 (zip)
Changed files only (zip)

The changes that are recommended in these links:


Dont seem to be reflected in the "Changed files only" as I thought they would.

Could some-one please explain what the "Changed files only" are for ??

Thanks in advance