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MattF wrote:
tcea wrote:

Some users post messages and the next day, they are gone (the messages).

And i did not do that.
Im the only admin.

Have you checked with your host to make sure they aren't cocking something up, i.e: bad backups/restoration?

Yes that's possible, hi.
In fact, the host moved the forum from one server to another.

The forum is ok now and i like the new default skin, specially when you quote someone and you see it clearly separated from your post.

thank you


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thank you smartys
it's nice you keep on updating punbb

"Unfortunately no one can be told what PunBB is - you have to see it for yourself."




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Thank you, the login is working fine right now.

For 'erased messages' i mean:
Some users post messages and the next day, they are gone (the messages).

And i did not do that.
Im the only admin.

Are there some security issues i should work on?
is that possible (messages gone) without a hack situation?

So thank you again


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Hello, i have a punbb forum installed since 2005, tried another forums (phpbb, bvulletin) but punbb worked just fine for me.

Never updated anything (when something just works... let it work i think).

Now with this version, i had some issues

- erased messages (!)
- double log-in
- Slow navigation (that's the server...)

I'm not complaining or anything, just that facts.

That's my forum, updated to the latest version Re-Writing the files with no backup (i know, i know).

That's my case.
Thank you.

update from my hosting provider:

"error on the database, some broken tables".

they are fixing it.

But i hope my question to be good for others.

but mods decides.

Thanks again.



File: /u/data/www/Ipv4/forocure/punbb/viewtopic.php
Line: 186

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch post info

Database reported: Can't open file: 'punbb_posts.MYD'. (errno: 145) (Errno: 1016)


And that error all over the site.
hope it helps.

Hello. I'm the webmaster of a forum

I get an error in my forum (www.forocure.com.ar).
I can not see any post or even post a message.

"Error: Unable to create post. (unable to do anything in fact)."

Fine. I think i was hacked or some.

So please, if any of you think that knows what happened to my forum and have the time to let me know i will say you a big "thanks".

In fact i will tell you right now: Thanks. (for reading)


Hello. I had the same problem, but now everything is working OK. Thank you.

What if... im the admin and i decide to give all the stars to mods and admins without the need to the post counter?.

thank you in advance.