I'm getting an error when the game tries to submit the score:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ELSE in /home/.../public_html/newscore.php on line 37

oh well, now the query works OK, but anyways the arcade.php give me an error:

Error: Unable to fetch game list count.

Think i'm gong to wait until the final release.

Thanks Anyways smile

I use your modification, i create both tables classment and jeux by using the query in the info.txt, then i try to add the games executing the querys one by one. The first Query:

INSERT INTO `jeux` VALUES (1, 'Dolphin Dash', 'dolphindash', 'Collect the most possible pices in a time limit! !', 'dolphindash.gif', '550', '400');

Runs OK, but when i submit the second query, i get the error above mentioned. Is there any bug in my forum?


Hi people, i really need your help smile

I'm trying to install the mod on my forum, but when i execute the query for add a game, i get this error:

#1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 

What can i do?
Thanks in advance.

Nope, i used this:

http://www.punres.org/doku.php?id=how-t … t_on_index

But anyways i've solved the trouble, Thankyou Very Much smile


I'm having some problem with the "Sub forum mod2 and the "Last post on Index" mod (the Dokuwiki one), I've done a fresh install of punbb and then inmediately installed Subforum mod 1.0.4. Bu then when i install the "Last post on index" then something happens and the forum only shows the first forum

Is there a way to fix this? Thank You.

Having some trouble here:

well, i apply the mod according with the readme file. Before, the forum have a bunch of forums and categories, and after apply the mod, only one forum and one category:


Maybe a Mod Corruption?

Thanks in advance.


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Here is my PunBB Forum, its in spanish but anyone can post in any language big_smile