Thnks working fine for me

can some 1 make the mod so external images are allowed in the gallery

hey if i am havin 1.0.1 already installed what do i do

admin text cant be added by language file also

right ?

hey but hyperlink

<a href=""></a>

in the email it doesnt become hyperlink

it becomes


what to do so it could be hyperlink in the email


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hey how do i add members name in the email

i mean it should automatically add the username of the forum in the email

ok but can any 1 make the mod

is it posible if we upload the images on and put it in gallery

what is the modification required to be done for this ?

thnks man


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i think this feature is thr in other forum softwares and it is very useful

so maybe some 1 could make it

hey why cant also allow external images

plz do something so we can allow external uploaded images

like we could upload images on imageshack and put the link in the gallery

is it possible

ok its working properly now

but the email sent always goes to junk mail

how do i change the email going

to the board<a

we could make the email look like this instead

'the message goes first' then comes you are invited to the 'forum title' by the 'username' so plz register out here and 'the link' (not the link with html codes only the link thats it

i am sure this wont go to junk.

or just tell where i can edit the email

i think now it doesnt show if the invite has been used (even when it is used )

ya plz tell how do i do that

or if possible can it be done that that the email address  directly gets entered in the field

plz giv me codes for both


no i clicked the link the registration form opened i typed all the stuff and then when i pressed submit i got that error

The Email Was Like This

to the board<a


i get this error

aftr going to invitation link to register form and typing the all the fileds and aftr submitting this error come

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to verify invitationNo data.

what to do now?


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even i want this type of feature


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no i mean is when we put a link in code and only people replying to the topic can see the link


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hey rickard the changes u told to make has some problem aftr u do that it sends email with server address not our address


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ok i wanna atleast add images to an email what to do for that


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hey why dont u share it with us dexus


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oh then why dont u try high paying keywords


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has any1 tried this and sent an html email to thier members and did it work


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no when we type any html code in the box and when we preview the email all html codes are shown not the html email

what to do now ?


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i do know how to put ads but i also wana make it look like the site i mentioned above

in short how do i make that table wch uses the stylesheet of the forum also