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i found another code...


it provides you with 8 months of free hosting (about $80) for level 1 hosting for a year, or 10 months free if you sign up for 2 years.  If you want Level 2 or 3, it'll just knock off $75, or if you sign up for a monthly account, it will wave the setup fee for any level.  happy hosting!


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A while ago somone was looking for cheap webhosting... i donno if they're still looking but i found a great deal.  a friend of mine has been hosting with dreamhost for almost a year and absolutely loves it.. just $8-10 a month depending on if you sign up for 1 or 2 years, plus, there's a promo code that will save you $60 from initial registration.. so that's about $60 for the first year and they give you 2GB disk space, and 120 GB transfer/month.  also if you refer other people, they will credit your dreamhost account to help you pay for your future hosting.

promo/coupon code: TAKE60OFF