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Might be a daft question, but how do i add 'em?


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Jag jämförde de engelska språkfilerna i 1.2.1 och 1.2.2 och såg ingen som helst skillnad, så jag är tämligen säker på att den svenska språkfilen till 1.2.1 även funkar till 1.2.2...

Mine still don't work. I've replaced the last 20 or so rows (including the row where it says it's an error) from the original functions.php, but still i get the same error-msg. If i switch functions.php to the original functions.php then PunBB works, but PMS don't. I can't figure this one out, so guess i'll have to stay with 1.2.6...


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It wasn't my intention to rush you, I just pointed out what i think would make the style even better.


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I need a green theme for my forum, and this one is great! I'll definately will be using this.

However there are some minor flaws...
Like you can't at all see if there is a link in a message, since links are not underlined and they have the same color as normal text. You only see links if you hover over them with the mouse.
Also, if you have a topic that's both closed and sticky it shows the closed icon. Maybe it's just me, but i think the sticky should have the higher priority. The absolute best solution would ofcourse be a new icon that combines the closed and the sticky icon into one in some way.
And, as have already been pointed out, more gap between the boxes would be nice.

This is without a doubt the best looking green style for PunBB i've seen. If you could just fix these minor flaws it would be awsome!

I'm sure WinRar would react if the archive was corrupted...? Or what file are we talking about here?

Lament: But i did not update from an earlier version of PunBB like you did. I made a fresh install of PunBB 1.2.10, then installed PMS 1.2.2 (including running install_mod.php), but i could not get it to work properly. So i restored all the files i had edited and then re-did the edits. Surely i shouldn't have to run install_mod.php again?

Since i don't really know what i'm doing when i'm editing all those files i was very careful following the instructions. Guess i managed to mess it up anyway... I'll do it all over again later tonight and hope everything works out fine then.

Edit: I did everything all over, except running install_mod.php, and i still get the parse error. I have a fresh installed 1.2.10 and the only modding i've been doing with the code so far is CodeXP's little hack to open external links in a new window (as described in the last post here, http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=217).

I don't get it. I've installed PMS once before (on 1.2.6) and i didn't have no problems then. I'm sure i haven't been up to anything funny while editing the code.

Trying to view index.php after installation of PMS 1.2.2 on 1.2.10 i get the following error-msg:

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting ';' in /home/arvid/public_html/gmdebatt/include/functions.php on line 1064

Any thoughts on what could be the cause for this?


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Under Options you can set the Redirect time... "Number of seconds to wait when redirecting. If set to 0, no redirect page will be displayed (not recommended)."

Why is it not recommended not to have a redirect page? What good does it do exactly?

Rickard: I'm sorry, but what is it you'll be releasing today? Just a fix or 1.2.10?

I want to know since i'm about to make a fresh install and if you're just about to release 1.2.10 i might aswell wait a day or two.

The site i run is for a supporters club of a swedish football team (or soccer team as americans would say). I now run a forum on forumer.com and they won't give out the database, so i'll have to start from scratch with posts and members when i make the switch to PunBB. The season is just over (we got promoted!!!) so i suspect the activity will drop considerably any time soon and increase again around new year when the preseason starts. In other words, the switch needs to be done before new year.

If switching now: when 1.3 comes i assume i'll have to make a new install and point that to the database somehow? What will happen with posts with polls for instance when i upgrade? It probably won't take long before a poll extension is coming (and hopefully it'll be compatible with the polls created by the poll mod), but until then will 1.3 be able to display the posts with polls correctly? Might be dumb questions, but then again i am pretty dumb when it comes to these kind of things..

Basically what i want to know is; Should i switch to 1.2.9 now and then update to 1.3 (which by the way will be absolutely amazing judging from what i've read about it), or should i sit tight for a few weeks and hope 1.3 will make it in time and go straight for that one? Ofcourse if it won't come out in time i'll have to switch to 1.2.* anyway.
(Actually this might also be a dumb question since i figure i know what the responses will be, but i just want to hear it from you guys... smile)

Ofcourse that's what it means. I Should have skipped those last few pints at the pub yesterday smile


Rickard wrote:

Well, here's a list of a few things you can expect in 1.3:
- New topic read marking
- Post moderation (maybe user moderation)

New topic read marking - Does this mean topics will be marked as read when read instead of the way it works now?

Post moderation - Sounds good, but i'm not sure what to expect from this. Will it be possible to split and merge topics for instance?


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badrad: It says English, not American English.
But I won't complain unless you start saying Soccer instead of Football, then i'll complain! wink


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Yeah. Split and merge topics should definately be built in. These are really basic stuff and quite frankly i can't see how you're supposed to be able to moderate a forum without it.

This is pretty much what's keeping me from switching to PunBB.

Is this project put on ice?

If so, that would be a real shame.. I'd love this one for 1.2.6

Just tell your user to press "forgot you password?" on the login-screen and enter his e-mail adress and a new password will be sent

Or if that don't work.. Click the users name and then choose "Administration", there you can assign user to the usergroup you want him in from a dropdown menu. Then choose the first option in the usersmenu ("Essentials"), there change his/her password and manually mail the new password to the user.


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Yeah, but i can't get it to work properly. It changes the dates of the posts so they end up in all the wrong order..

I have my forum in Swedish and the only swe word for "poll" i can think of is pretty long ("omröstning"), so if someone could show me how to do the same thing with a poll (replace the text with an image), i'd be very happy!

I have Easy-Poll 1.1.3 installed..


Thank you pabb!

Another thing though.. The little dot that indicates i have written in a certain topic is placed after the sticky logo. If a topic is closed though it gets placed before the closed logo (like i want it to).


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I wanted a package that
- was easy to administrate and moderate.

It would be much more easy to moderate if you could split a topic. The mod i've found for that does this, http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=47 , do not work on 1.2.6 as far as i understand. Then there is this one: http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=541 that might have this feature, but i'm not sure. Even if it does there seems to be some problems with it judging from what's said in that topic.

How do i get rid of the text (like "sticky:")?
I'd like logos only..

That's it!!

Thank you very much Paul, it's most appreciated!