dera wrote:

What is more important, on my forum, when you use quick quote, it quotes signature also

anggiawan wrote:

When someone use quote from text that contain smilies, the quote will not display the smilies.

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I'd like to see both bugs fixed also.

parpalak wrote:

Actually yes. But db_updater.php will say that there is nothing to update.

You may delete db_updater.php after updating. And do not forget to turn Maintenance mode on before start updating.

I successfully ran db_updater.php a while ago here on this forum when you guys were updating.

So anyone can run the db_updater.php when we update the forum?

I changed the skin to match my website but unfortunately it looks awful in Internet Explorer.



Does anyone know how to make those white zones transparent in order to look the same in IE as in Firefox and Safari?

Thanks in advance


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I'd like to put the link "show new posts since your last visit" always on the header and not just on the forum's first page to be able to ask again for the new posts after you answer one.
How do I do it?

Thanks in advance

support for 1.2.6 any time soon?