The problem is the top margin on #brdwelcome is collapsing. If you removed the top margin you would find that FF and Opera display the page the same as IE. Try changing it to padding-top instead of margin-top.

Oops. I forgot I wasn't supposed to be posting here.


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Incidentally, there is also a serious bug in the edit post form. Its being caused by the bbcode extension inserting a stylesheet and js file link before the doctype. It causes the page to fail validation and fall apart in IE.


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Wouldn't it be neater and tidier if it was like this:

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hcgtv wrote:
Ledo wrote:

I hope you will give credits to them in the bottom? Somethink like Powerd by PunBB - Developed by FluxBB...

You should then add - Paid for by SoftDeluxe.

And we would have to add "Powered by FluxBB which is based on PunBB (owned by SoftDeluxe)". And then they would have to change it to Powered by PunBB (owned by SoftDeluxe) - Using bits of FluxBB (which is based on PunBB (owned by SoftDeluxe))". I can see it all becoming rather childish and tiresome very quickly.

HOLLYWOOD wrote: there is only so much you can do with the way PunBB styling is put together... Which is why there is literally a tiny tiny tiny amount of styles for PunBB...

Not actually true in the case of v1.3. The difficulty, so it seems to me, is that a large proportion of people developing styles for other boards are used to hacking about with the markup, slicing up some images and then applying simple cosmetic css.

With a few minor changes to the template and new stylesheets it could be made to look like Vanilla, vBulletin or just about anything else. It does however require people to get their heads around more advanced css techniques like negative margins on floats, sliding doors for backgrounds and perhaps the bleeding edge faux absolute positioning idea.


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You need to send it to this guy.

The navigation bar is generated by a function in functions.php

There were no significant markup/css changes between the packaged beta and the current svn versions. It should work on anything from the packaged beta onwards.

Bert: I agree with you. Unfortunately, we can't control what the membership does though I will mention it to them elsewhere. I certainly haven't been intentionally pushing anything here, at least not outside the two semi official threads, and have tried to be careful what I say.

The only reason I'm here now is I appear to be the only active moderator. Somebody has to delete the spam and generally keep the place tidy. I have to say that this in itself is a very strange state of affairs which should be remedied sooner rather than later.

As for the subject matter of the topic. The new version, assuming it is how I think it will be, should provide far more opportunies for styling. However, it still won't use templates in the normal sense. A competition has always been a good idea, its just finding enough people who are prepared to work with css alone. Most of the skinning fraternity seems happier hacking around with markup. I know the new PunBB devs were keen on templating so maybe worth pushing the point.

chriloi wrote:
hcgtv wrote:

Good analogy or not, we'll have to see.

And that says someone who is involved in a fork himself?

Well he wasn't involved in this fork.


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Those topics should answer all your questions. I'm going to close this topic as everything has already been said and there are existing topics open.


Did you remember to delete the cache files. If you alter cache.php you need to delete the existing cache files so the updated versions can be generated.

Find this in the stylesheet

/* 4.4 Special setting for fieldsets to preserve IE defaults */

    BORDER-STYLE: solid;

And cheange it to this

/* 4.4 Special setting for fieldsets to preserve IE defaults */

    BORDER-STYLE: solid;

In the colour scheme stylesheet find this


And change it to this


The actual colour may be different depending on which style you are using.


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downliner wrote:

Killmaster tries to help and gets flamed?

Great community spirit.

Agreed. He was only trying to be helpful. I removed the flames and am now closing the topic.


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The fact they choose to go their own way knowing that in practice they could still end up providing PunBB with all the code for nothing should tell you something.


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bingiman wrote:

I know you guys probably have to be all political etc...but did the new company screw you all over? I am just curious.

No they didn't. They have stuck to all the committments they made.

Yes. My idea of a template system is just to seperate back end code from front end.

Wouldn't that be essentially the same as having a function to generate indiviual form fields rather like we generate message boxes.

The reason is that the button is an inbuilt part of the file input form widget. File input controls are notoriously difficult to style and certainly can't be styled like other form controls. Even if you do manage to style it then it will look different in each browser.


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No because thats not valid css. It would be #punviewforum div.icon {whatever}


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If you view source you will see each page has its own id. For example viewtopic is #punviewtopic. By using that id you can construct a descendant selector which will all you to style each page differently.

It has a custom index page hence the link to a viewforum page.

"Style Switcher"

I've been thinking about array keys as well. There have been a few instances where it would have been useful to use one or more elements from an array basically as if they were individual variables.