why not replicate the usertable between 2 forums...


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Thanx, hopefully he sees this and mods his mod smile


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I have a forum but I want to have parts of it open to edit and answer for everyone, some parts accessible only to regged users and some only to moderators...

not like now when guests can do either nothing or just a bit in all forums except the moderator-forum


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the reason I asked was the fast rate Kennels work progresses and I always want to have the newest version running


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Just came up with an idea that shouldn't be so hard to implement on the adminpages...

How about making the admins aware of that there is a newer punBB out?
i.e When I log into my adminpages there comes a tiny popup (I HATE POPUPS) that tells me that there is a new version out...or something like that.


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*going to search for a bug* wink
Must find one....neeeeed a new punBB version wink
.... gaaaah .... no bugs so far... big_smile
neeeed the smileyfix....   *waiting* smile

I don't envy your TODO-list....
must be a ton of stuff there wink


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maybe 1.0.2 ? big_smile

hehe, that explains a lot wink

Good luck with the studies!

for punBB....no offence wink
I mean, this has been the ONE with the fastest response.
what I meant was that it seems that nothing is a problem, nothing takes too much time to create... the (for me) standard answer is "Do like this" or "I'll fix it". on "I'll fix it" it takes a few hours (or maybe a day or 2)
I'm impressed!!!!


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I'd love instructions, especially since I forgot to copy my code to help.php when I upgraded...
btw. when is 1.1 due? I mean, I _can_ wait wink


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hrm, can't get it to work sad
I've inserted the code into help (inside <? and ?> tags)
but cannot get the hang of how and what you moved in parser.php

how much time do you have?


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wish I had seen this thread earlier (added more than 30 smilies manually to help.php) sad

Well, that would mean more Work for Kennel... make one archive with all the files and one to upgrade with.
But the few things I've had ideas about he's fixed faster than I thought it was possible roll

One more, great job Kennel!

thanks smile
Will cut'n' paste my mods this time smile

haha, well...It's just for fun we have that one+I have to try PunBB out before I use it on the Svenska E28-registret.

Still, would like to know which files that are changed big_smile

First, tnx for a really neat forum. Fast, easy to administrate, easy to install, quick response from the person behind and a great community supporting it with mods and improvments.

I posted the name-bug that you fixed in 1.0.1.
I haven't had the time to upgrade yet, I've done some mods to 1.0 that I have to copy to keep.
To minimize the work in future releases (or if you have the time before tomorrow wink ) it would be awesome to have a list of which files that have been changed so that I can just copy them and then "do the upgrade" (guess that the 1_0 to 1.0.1 is just a database upgrade (haven't looked at it)

What I mean is...is it necessary to copy all the files...will take me maybe 20 minutes extra if I have to refit my mod.

Second: the css...
Would be SUPERGREAT to know what every tag does (comments in the code maybe??), instead of how I did the colorchanges last time... (view-source, search in the .css, try and error)

I think that's all I "need" for now wink

Want to check my forum out?  La Familia da una Calmare (site for me and my crazy friends)
Will soon use this forum at  Svenska E28 registret


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neat...great smile

you are awesome

Neat smile
will you post here when it is fixed?

when a moderator changes his/her nick the "old" name remains in the forum-view...and...the new nick (same userid) cannot moderate his/her forums.
Otherwise he/her has the same permissions...
By the way..in this case, the old nick doesn't exist any more...