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This doesn't work for me sad
I had to removed the code that checked that I had JQuery installed. Once I'd done that the installation worked fine and I could see the chatbox on my index page. I could type something into the text box but when I clicked send nothing would happen but the page refreshed.

Any tips?

1. Can it be to show on the "active topics" search page and also on viewtopic and viewforum?
2. I couldn't figure out how to change the language to English

Thanks smile

So it looks like I'll have to park a load of domains on my hosting account, point them all at a specific directory and then set up an HTML redirect from the index.html file within that directory. I think that will work won't it?

Is it possible for me to register 10 domains and configure them to point each one at a different sub-forum within the punbb forum?

So let's pretend I have a forum called www.FordCarsOnline.com I have a different subforum for each ford car model ever made. I could then register FordMondeo.com and have it point directly to my Ford Mondeo sub forum.

Could that work?
Thanks smile