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It seems you've got some typos in the install- and uninstall-source in the manifest.xml.
The table_exists() calls in install use the prefix "efp_", the create-statements then uses the prefix "epf_".
In uninstall it's always "efp_".

Isn't the group id for unverified users 32000 and not 3200?


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You can start with this page: http://punbb.org/docs/install.html
It should give you the basic informations you need to start with PunBB.

The best thing is to start with the migration tool: http://punbb.org/downloads.php#migtool

Smartys wrote:

Oh, and is the file it gives you actually the PHP or is it the HTML? ;)

I got the PHP code, also from the config.php file...
I think that really is a server security problem.


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