Not mine, but stumbled upon. Makers of Canvas and Kiwi WP theme use punbb for their forums .

tvRSS. Syndication for your television.


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One of the nicest integrations of PunBB within a site that I have seen. Props.

Very, very nice. Good use of colors. Nice graphic. Top notch!

I tested this tool ( It seemed to do a remarkable job in grouping CSS commands and reducing code. Pun's forum_base.css code, for example, went from 405 lines to 62. The code was readable, but definitely grouped and compacted.

It may be good to develop your CSS as you do normally; test it and refine it to the point you like it; then run it through this process for the final, stored/used version.

THANKS, elbekko, for the code and for the clarity of your instructions!

I would like to have my users enter their email address and password in order to login. I still want to allow them to have/create a username at sign-up. But because people change their email addresses so frequently, and often forget to update it everywhere, my info quickly goes stale.

I have searched here and and did not find it. But that does not mean it hasn't been asked, and done, before.