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I tried using the URL rewrite feature but it seems it's not working.
First, I've looked for htaccess.dist but couldn't find it with the cpanel file manager. Installed FileZilla and a .htaccess file was there (no htaccess.dist).

My forum is installed in the /forum folder, in the main root is a Wordpress site.

Tried enabling URL rewrite, but when I clicked on a forum or topic, it redirects me back to the Wordpress site.


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Users:    100%
Catgs:    100%
Forums:    100%
Topics:    100%
Posts:    100%
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worked like a charm big_smile
good work and thank you!


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i'm waiting for it too
made a huge mistake when choosing phpbb3


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I've recently chose phpbb3 for my newly founded community, and i'm so frustrated i did this.
After a while, i've checked the new version of punbb and it's great!

Please make a converter for phpbb3 too, i promise i'll be using it forever smile