I am looking for a way to get the tag <Pubdate> in to my RSS-feed.

I first found this mod by Alex King, but I don't know how to install it:


Could anybody give me a hint on how to install it?

Otherwise I have been looking in the file extern.php, and to me it seems like I only need to add an ekstra line for outputting <Pubdate>. Any proposals for how that line has to bee?

Maybe it is basic knowledge, but I simply don't know how to install this mod for making rss-feeds. Can anyone please give me a hint.

The reason for wanting this mod is, that in the built-in rss-feed in pun I am missing the tags "pubdate", and I hope that this mod will contain this.

How do I install that php-file?

Thank you very much for the understandeble information, Jansson. I have been considering shaping a forum for quiet a while now. But now I am convinsed that I will try pun. It was importent with the rss because want to drive some blogtraffic to my site.

Thanks for the link. It seems to me that it is recommanded with some programming knowledge to implement a rss-feed. Or is it already implemented in the download of pun?

Sorry for my simple question, but I am very new to the dicourse of punbb. But I have read that there are rss-feed in punbb, and I am now wundering where for instance I find the feeds in this forum. And Also, can somebody tell me if there is a feed with all entrys in this forum.


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Thanks Dr. Jeckyl. That looks like an interesting proposal. I will take a closer look at it. Sounds great with an all in one system. By the way, why do you use vBulletin Version 3.0.7 on your own site?


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Thanks for the anwer Rickard. I think I have moved a bit closer to using punbb. But you are right - it can be a bit like a sexual mistake to choose the right system.


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Just a additional question: is it possible to send newsmails to the registered users?


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I want to make a webmasterforum, and am considering wich forumsystem to choose. I do not now anything about programming and do not have any experience with forums. What would you say are the atvantages of punbb to phpbb? Is it easy to make a list over recents posts on my frontpage? Can punbb make rss-feeds? Is it possible to costumize a frontpage showing the treads but also alowing me to make different links, a seachfield (wich I miss on this forum), field for ads? Of couse I could just try both punbb and phpbb, but I would not like collecting many nice treads and then decide to change the system.