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I was on the Facebook developers forum today and loved seeing PunBB being used there. I've been in and around PunBB since way back in 2003. I'm no web developer, just an enthusiast, so it's great to see it out in the wild at such an important place.


I have a graphic that I'd like either side of a heading on my site, that would appear something like this:



Now I'd like to achieve this in CSS where possible rather than changing the PHP files, is it possible?

I can get the graphic to appear EITHER to the left OR the right of the text, but not at the same time.

Current CSS:

.content h1 a{
       background: transparent url('img/title_left.gif') no-repeat top right;
    padding-right: 10px;

To me, the problem is that the CSS is only recognising the graphic as a background, and as such it doesn't know where the title text is, so doesn't know where to place the images.

If there's a simple workaround I'm all ears.


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Top stuff guys.

I posted here a lot at the outset as an enthusiast as I don't have any detailed programming knowledge.

I check the place out but there haven't been any sweeping changes for a while (not a bad thing, just a fact).

Now I'm pleased that the next chapter has been written, and the application can move forward again.


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Hi guys - I'm doing a project for as part of some Entrepreneurship work within my university and the local science park.

I need some responses to this survey about internet use and then about football - it doesn't matter if you don't have interest in either really.

It takes less than 90 seconds (10 questions) and would really help me, and there's an added bonus of a £5 Amazon voucher for a lucky respondant - just to say thanks.

The link is here: … ?id=277423

If you could complete it that would be fantastic, and hopefully the mods will see this as OK, it's not really spam.



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Aha, good stuff hcgtv.

Did a bit of investigating and this is pretty much what I wanted: … 53&p=3


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Does anyone know of a CMS that can rank/sort an article by rating?

I see Newsvine is trying something like this, where a user comes along and "ticks" something that is regarded as a good article. Just wondering if there was a decent one whereby registered users vote out of ten on the quality of the article, meaning it appears nearer the top of the site for a period.

Preferably an easily customisable one. Cheers smile


Firstly, I do love coming back here. Anytime I visit I get inspired to do something new. However, this time I had the inspiration before I came here.

I'm just guaging interest in support for a football-orientated website with a difference. Without giving too much away, I think its about time there was a decent website that actually looked a bit deeper at football matches, and how tactics won or lost a match.

Any reports you read in the paper or hear from pundits are usually superficial at best, completely inaccurate at worst.

Seeing as its got a major fanbase across the world I think my idea of a user-contributed discussion would be very useful, but without the detailed web design knowledge of a complex backend and database design, I'm kind of stuck at first base.

If anyone wants to discuss this with me just drop a message or email. I've got a pretty clear idea of what I think it should be and if someone is interested I'm confident they'd agree that the sort of site I'm suggesting certainly fills a niche in the football site community.

Any of these still available?

joe_westhead AT hotmail DOT com if possible smile

Anyone fancy doing me a little favour and designing a logo for me?

I'm in the process of developing a site and have people who are helping with the coding but we're not graphically inclined. If anyone wants to help me just drop a message in here or via email.

Cheers guys,


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Do you think you'd be more interested if the person speaking was someone you knew - such as an expert in a field?


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Do any of you guys do/listen to any Podcasts?

I hear more about it by the day but want to filter out all the random crap and get to some decent stuff.

Does anyone have an interest in this at all?


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Hey guys. Don't post much on here anymore, but still browse every so often just to see how PunBB is progressing.

Interesting to see you're using - in a national paper here it says that the lad who set it up is a student at Nottingham in the Business School, however I've heard other reports that he's at Canterbury or something. Either way, he's doing a business degree as am I and its so frustrating to hear this guy is going to make a fortune. I know you aren't supposed to begrudge someone elses fortune but doesn't this story just spur you on to make a go of it in the world?

FT Gallstads FK 0-14 VILLA

Villa went goal crazy in the opening game of the Swedish tour with an emphatic 14-0 victory against part-timers Gallstads FK.

Luke Moore was the top scorer with five goals in 21 second-half minutes, while Juan Pablo Angel (2), Kevin Phillips (2), Lee Hendrie (2), Nobby Solano (2) and Liam Ridgewell completed the scoring.

Villa carved out an opening on one as Davis and Angel linked-up well on the edge of the box, but Gustavsson cleared the danger.

The lively Angel headed against the bar on four, with Magniusson blocking the follow up from Phillips. Moments later Angel fired an angled effort into the side netting.

Arvidsson did well to clear Barry's left-wing cross on six as Villa's bright start continued. A minute later Solano opened the scoring as Angel and Barry combined to set up a close range opening.

Davis almost doubled the lead on eight as he met Solano's right-wing cross, but saw keeper Staafjord block his angled drive.

Melleberg blocked an Andersson cross on 14 as Galstads created their first half chance of the evening.

Solano doubled his and Villa's tally on 16 with a superb curling right-foot free-kick from the edge of the box.

Villa doubled their lead with two goals in a minute on 17 as Angel slotted home from McCann's lay-off and Phillips then fired home from Angel's left-wing cross.

Angel might have added a fifth four minutes later as Solano whipped in a low cross from the right, but the striker failed to connect at the back post.

Davis saw a right-foot drive blocked by Berglund on 25 as Villa continued to dominate.

At the other end Arvidsson's left-foot free-kick was blocked by the Villa wall on 29. Staafjord saved well from Angel on the half-hour mark.

Staafjord saved bravely at the feet of Phillips on 35, but the striker was not to be denied and grabbed his second of the match moments later as he met a measured ball from Angel.

Angel made it 6-0 on 39 as he rose unchallenged to head home from close range.

de la Cruz fired high and wide after a weaving run on 45, cutting in from the right and beating three defenders on the edge of the box.

Villa made no fewer than nine changes at the break as DOL again opted to give as many players as possibe a run-out.

Moore headed against the post on 48 as he met Hendrie's right-wing cross. A minute later Berger fired wide after a strong run to the edge of the box.

Rookie striker Moore was denied by Staafrjord on 54 and the kepr foiled Hendrie moments later.

With Villa still very much on top, Whittingham sliced into the side-netting on 55.

Berglund sent a tired shot wide of the target from 40 yards out three mintes later.

Hendrie added the seventh of the evening on 59 as he met a left-wing cross from Samuel with a half-volley at the far post.

Goalscorer Hendrie failed to find Moore with a floating cross on 63. Seconds later the midfielder was denied by Staafjord.

Hendrie tried to chip the keeper on 67, but  was denied by Staafjord. Seconds later the keeper brilliantly tipped a powerful header from Ridgewell over the bar.

Villa had a penalty on 69 as Moore was felled by Claesson. The young striker slotted home from the spot to make it 8-0.

It was nine a minute later as Hendrie made the most of poor marking to rifle hóme from the edge of the box.

Villa had double figures on 72 as Moore chested down and pulled a shot beyond the luckless Staafjord.

Ridgewell added an 11th goal for Villa on 75 as he met Berson's intelligent ball over the top and scored at the second time of asking.

Moore had his hat-trick on 77 as Staafjord palmed away Samuel's dangerous cross and the youngster slotted home from close-range.

Berger, looking to get in on the act, curled a left-foot free-kick narrowly wide on 80.

Hendrie pulled a shot inches wide two minutes later as he raced onto Moore's cheeky back-heel.

Djemba-Djemba was the next to try his luck on 85, but he too was unable to add to the scoreline.

Staafjord denied both Berson and Hendrie on 86, but was unable to thwart Moore seconds later as the youngster added his fourth and Villa's 13th of the evening.

Moore had his fifth on 90 as he met a long ball over the top and calmly slotted beyond the keeper.

Just too esy for us English footballers..


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That email is as old as the internet itself.


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The Shawshank Redemption
Top Gun
The Great Escape
Dazed and Confused
Godfather Trilogy


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Rickard wrote:

The good thing here is that if anything, it would be a plugin. If someone wants to do one, go ahead. I'll remove it from the TODO list.

Well at least we know the real reason you mentioned it now.


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I'm trying to follow, because I'm not a programmer.

1 - That shouldn't be a problem, because the news is intended for the front page anyway and not the forum. So why should it be able to be edited for the forum?

2 - Why isn't it possible?


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Rickard wrote:

Useless fact: The busiest day so far was Oct 27 with 1232 unique visitors (1787 visits).

I knew it..

Rickard wrote:

I want an editor that can display different background colors for different parts of the code (i.e. dark gray background between <?php and ?> and a lighter gray "outside" those tags). Does anyone know of such an editor?

Like what DW does with HTML?

Regardless of whether or not you know about the site I'm working on, I need some swedish contacts.

I'm doing reading around on the culture of Swedish football and their fans, and I have some contacts via Aston Villa's Swedish fan base.

I was just wondering if any of you guys are Swedish football fans, or know any that I could contact. I'm looking to get a couple of emails regarding what they get up to when they get together to watch a game etc, and how that makes the Swedes independant.

If you are, or know someone who wouldn't mind me emailing them, a football fan in Sweden that goes to games just let me know either here or by email and I would be very grateful.


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And now in Welsh :)


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Sorry, I'm sure its quite difficult, but is there a better way of saying that?

What hcgtv said :)

You can see my attempt at it in action @, which is in dev.

Well, here I am on Fedora. Like the guy above mentioned, it is easy to install. It basically does it all for you.

I'm quite impressed. Things are running nicely and I didn't have to configure anything like I would on Windows.

Its nice just to have a look at another OS and to see how they do things differently to MS.