For average Joe (or average Joey) who is pissed off with his computer being a glorified tin can, is installing a Linux variant of any use to me?

I have a spare 40GB HD in my computer that has never been used, and I just thought I could have a little dabble in this whole "Down with Windows" debacle. I had a look around and there are a few that run with windows, but to me this defeats the point really.

Can I not just choose some decent, free, not-hideous-looking variant that I can choose to boot with when my fancy takes it (i.e. when XP pisses me off).

Chacmool wrote:

It's fixed now :)

My work here is done. That host will give you no trouble anymore ;)

I just wanted to know what websites you guys have come across when going around the internet. Sometimes a website really appeals to me because it looks nice, or it does something in a really good way. I'm not just on about your favourite website with political satire or some CS clan, I just want to see some nice-looking sites. Here's where I'll start: - a guy who helped me out once works for this company. Not too surprisingly its a Web.Dev company, but I do like its design. Its quick, its clean, the large chunks of text actually look quite nice (light grey with Verdana font) and its easy to navigate. - I think I've posted this elsewhere before, and there are guys on here who are quite familiar with Nucleus. I just like the way that they've managed to take a website that is just cut into rectangular sections, ala web design of 1992, but somehow made it look pretty good. Some of the text is a bit ugly but I made it look more like how I wanted in a site I'm developing at

To be honest I had a load more in mind but I've lost the URLs somewhere. Anyway, this thread isn't about me, its you, so get going!

Want me to go round their place with a baseball bat?

Chacmool I think PunBBig is down..


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Not bad to say I've been doing Russian from scratch for 2 weeks :D

Looking good so far.

I've just started Russian at University means I can at least read this, even if I don't know what it means. Whats down the right hand side?


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Iceblade wrote:

Do you get a real host that's free?

In a word, no.


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Gizzmo wrote:

LOL thats so funny, did that realy happen?



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When I dabbled in Mambo a while back I didn't find it overly fast, but was more concerned about making sure all the features people wanted were there.

Isn't this in contrast to the philosophy of Pun?

gryff wrote:

PunBB 1.2 is ready.

Since when?


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Well really that'd make it:

Active Member :) != Active Member :(


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:up: :dn:


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+1 posting can get you anywhere. Just to let you know though, there is a direct correlation of inproportionality of your post count to success with women.

Poor Rickard ;)


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Firefox 0.91 - probably should upgrade :)

Check out the stye guide here:

You can change the look however you want, by changing the files main.tpl and the .css files.


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Just whilst I'm here, which is the plugin that relates to the fancylink() function? NP_PunBB calls it but I'm using a Nucleus install rather than Blog:CMS.

Yeh as you know I'm trying to integrate the look of Pun and the NUDN skin I've done. Easier said than done but it'll be worth it.


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Some people have quoted Nucleus, so I just thought I'd show my using of it, based on the NUDN skin.

I think it looks nice and even looks in the simplistic style of PunBB I think.


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BLOG:CMS is based on Nucleus and can integrate PunBB apparently. Not sure how to work it yet though!


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