hcgtv wrote:

Hey, glad to hear there's interest in this.

At present, I'm learning Textpattern, the tags system for skins, etc. There's very little documentaion for plugins but I'm looking over some exisiting ones to get a feel for how it all works.

pos3idon, you can use extern.php, there's documentation included in the file. Or use the rss.php that has been tweaked over time: http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=6586

yeah m8 tnx I've figured it out wink


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yeah dammit i've just changed it :!!


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btw this morinng everyone but me was bennaed?
I was like O_O!


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on my board the user list and ban control are going wild - the users get banned the user list view post's are weird I'm the admin and have like 400 posts ut it says 4 ?! wtf?


like on someone's nick there is Gay added and stuff!??? wtf?

I'm interested m8 , I'm using texp awhile now and also using punBB for the board, btw do you maybe have a recent posts addon on a site to show recent post's from the punBB forum!?

really nice m8! smile

aha sounds soon smile

when does it come out big_smile


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Heya Orion as I said over msn Love it m8 wink

I did serch for it no results

ok so where's the new one big_smile

Connorhd wrote:

maybe you should read/watch this again.
its not released and its not a plugin.

ahaaa I was thinking of something else there while viewing the movie

where do I ad this in main page index of the dite (not forum)

Great it works!

oh IC when someone try's it let me know


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nice work - where can I find the Random quote 1.0 ?

where is the random quote 1.0 plugin?  *

well the admin panel ones m8

where must I imput it?


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hm nice idea m8s here are some resources it may be usefull!

Great m8 !! (croatian:TO CaRE!!) hm I was wondering if I could only change the admin panel into croatian language, not the whole board! could I do that?

yeah me too!

hm where to imput that and is somebody else doing this mod?

I want a birthday reminder of my members - just like http://board.shodown.net/index.php but that's phpBB
so anyone please help !


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yeah fkors