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should be

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include("includes/footer.php"); ?>
Parpalak wrote:
StevenBullen wrote:

Changed substr to mb_substr to handle utf-8 characters when subject is cut short

There are UTF-8 functions in PunBB. You can use utf8_substr(). It will automatically call mb_substr if available or a custom implementation otherwise.

Ok I have updated for next release.

Any major problems with using mb_substr? (i.e. to release again so quickly)

Last post subject on index v1.6


  • Added index to topics so works much faster!

  • Changed substr to mb_substr to handle utf-8 characters when subject is cut short

  • Cleaned up code a little

Could you check the latest update as I went for mb_substr (PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5) and done a little testing and it worked fine for me.

Thanks, will take a look.

Yeah 1.6 is coming. Juggling a lot at the moment. wink

Ok instead of making the same mistake I did yesterday, I am going to post this mod and wait for feedback before releasing it.

##      Mod title:  Last Post Subject on Index
##      Mod version:  beta
##      Works on FluxBB:  1.2.* / 1.4.*
##      Works on PunBB:  1.2.*
##      Release date:  08 / 04 / 2010
##      Author:  StevenBullen -
##      Description:  This will add the subject of the last post under the last post column on the index page.
##                           Also now adds link to the last poster. Also time/date from last post.

1 2 3

.zip .tar

New release


* Updated readme so that it makes sense for all versions (FluxBB 1.2.*, FluxBB 1.4.* & PunBB 1.2.*)
* Changed it so only admin and moderators can post an event (is_admmod)
* Tweaked 'available / not available' button on Flux/Pun 1.2.* version
* Kill the orphans, added line to delete.php to remove event info when delete topic -
* If you delete a user, you will now have the option to remove his events
* Fixed problem where you can sneakily submit your availability more than once -

Just installed a fresh PunBB on my localhost and encountered a problem that does not happen on FluxBB 1.2.

Change this (include/common.php)

// Turn off magic_quotes_runtime

to this

// Turn off magic_quotes_runtime
if (get_magic_quotes_runtime())

Not my code by the way it's the way FluxBB does it.

Can an admin or mod please close this topic. Thank you!

New topic raised for latest version... … -on-index/

What does this mod do?
This will add the subject of the last post under the last post column on the index page.
Also now adds link to the last poster. Also time/date from last post.

Note: Link to profile is disabled when you install this mod. You need to turn it on at admin-features. This is because it adds another join to a query, so some people might not want that.

* Added linkify to viewforum.php as well. So now posters on viewforum linked to profile (ONLY ON LAST POST, NOT ON TOPIC POSTER).

1 2 3

Last post subject on index v1.6

Give any feedback for improvements.
Thanks guys!

Now available on PunBB 1.2.* as well

Someone at FluxBB requested a simple mod so users can confirm if they can attend an event. It's based on topic and no calendar is involved. tongue

You can get the general idea from the pictures below.

Simple Attendance 1.2

Simple Attendance 1.2
EDIT: Updated to 1.2


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donaldcarter55 wrote:

is anyone else surprised Twitter is almost one of the most popular sites on the net?

Not at all -

You might need to give it longer than a week. Plus it helps if you know at least a few people on it before you start otherwise you're tweeting to yourself.


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Send me a PM with your user name and I can sort it for you.


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First time I have returned to PunBB for about 6 months.

It's so sad to see it's still a joke!!

This style is so NOT "PunBB" its stupid.

Read the about page and tell me this goes with it...
"PunBB is a fast and lightweight PHP-powered discussion board. It is released under the GNU General Public License. Its primary goals are to be faster, smaller and less graphically intensive as compared to other discussion boards. PunBB has fewer features than many other discussion boards, but is generally faster and outputs smaller, semantically correct XHTML-compliant pages."

The bit I would like to point out is... "less graphically intensive". I don't suppose you see the large pathetic stupid image in the top right corner. hmm


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Do these other forums have a ratio of 11 topics in over 10 months?

Up to you guys what you do im just telling you what I see.

Notice how I replied in 14 minutes. wink


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Im guessing I need to wait the usual 3 day turn around for a reply?


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Slavok wrote:

Perhaps, I have missed your post.

Sorry but that is really not a great answer to give. It shouldn't just be one person checking these forums. Plus any chance answering my question.

Who is in charge of PunBB?? and DO NOT say informer. I want the person who makes decisions.


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Please remove the 'Fun' forum. It's pointless and no help to PunBB or it's community.

Plus shoot the person who came up with the idea. wink


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It would probably help if the download page was updated with the 1.3.4 files... sad

Note to people in charge: I posted three days ago about this but no one replied or even fixed the problem.

Who is in charge of PunBB?? and DO NOT say informer. I want the person who makes decisions.


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joycejohnson wrote:

3 posts seem low to me. Why not increase to 10?

or 5. smile

KeyDog wrote:

They'll just code their bot to post ten posts instead of 1 or 3 and you as admin have the task of deleting the 10 spam messages they posted to get the signature.

Best leave it at 1.

Well I disagree. The difference is that it's sometimes hard to notice a bot posting one post. BUT! 5/10 posts from a new user in a matter of minutes you can pretty much tell it's spam.


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Thank you! Top notch!

Maybe it could be changed to +3 posts required though? Any update on adding 'nofollow' to external links?

Plus the website info for users needs to have the same restriction. Because if you check latest users since turning the 'pun_antispam' on they all add a website link instead of going for the signature. Spam is so annoying! sad

Can you please clear all signatures/website info for all user with under 3 posts please. This will clear 99% of the spam. Plus wont affect true community users as they will have over 3 posts. smile

The following will sort out the redirect page. wink

#punredirect H2 {COLOR: #FFF; background-image: url(../../img/smilies/ground3.gif);}


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If you check out the download page it does not mention 1.3.4 only 1.3.3, you might want to fix that.


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Slavok wrote:

This feature was added to the pun_antispam extension. We are testing it now, and we are planning to install this extension on our forums today.

Nice! big_smile

Vanslyde wrote:

Hi again

I just want to add that while the solution works perfectly, there is a notable downside to it. Oddly enough you might loose the color or design in the Redirection page which is displayed for a few moments right after you post.

In that very case that table's header wouldn't show blue, pink or purple but blank white. : \

I can fix that when I get a chance mate. wink


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Probably best to contact the creator. Try sending him (Switched On) a e-mail.