Yeah exactly. Little things like that will make the profile page much better.

Anyone? hmm

I know I posted about Profile Modifications before, but the profile look is really lame. It's plain, boring and nothing to do on there.

I know PHPBB are more experienced coders, blah blah blah, but look at their profile. They actually have a half decent layout.

Then we come to IPB. Yes, they are hi-tech and #1 out there, but look at theirs aswell, you can make comment. You can see who has recently viewed that persons profile. You can post a status update like on facebook. The layout is very good.
Same goes with VBulletin.

What profile extensions are there?

Post all the profile extensions, additions what ever you know that will change the profile in any way, shape, or form. Please post them here, with a link.



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Ah right thanks man I never thought of the youtube one.

And as you said about embedding the videos on my forum is that trials riders make their own videos and tend to upload to a forum themselves. And obviously if they aren't on my forum I will tell them about it, if they do not register then I will upload the video myself.

Thanks KeyDog,


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A forum for trials biking. Yes I made one before, but I gave up as I was doing my GCSE's. I am now carrying on with a different name. I will be getting a domain name in about a month or two.

Here is the link:

Please register and start making some posts.
If you do not know what trials biking is, here is a video to show you.

This is the first place that I have advertised, and I will be advertising else where when I decide on where to do so.

Comments welcome,


How do you change the image on the left of the topic on the index. Image below:


Mine shows up fine, but it doesn't work!

Thank you ever so much! It works perfectly!
Want to see it working? -


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Thanks smile


On the forum index it says, your username when you were the last person to post in that category.
How can you make that link to that users profile?
It links to the users profile in topic mode, but not on the index of the forum.


I noticed that this forum says this when you edit a post.

Last edited by shaheart (Today 19:16:25)

How do you make it say that? - Is it an extension?
My forum doesn't do it, and it is the latest version.


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I have made a forum for TrialsBiking. If you don't know what that is then this is a good place to learn.

I am not buying a proper domain name until I get a decent amount of active users.
If you wish for me to add a section for BMX, Mountain Biking and Dirt Jumps, and anyothers that you may want on there, then reply here and I will do so.

I am currently looking for one Moderator, in which you will need to fill out a questionnaire online.
I  have only just advertised as I have only just finished editing.

As I have only just started the forum there are no posts or members.


Ok fair dose.
Now we need someone to fix it for us!

Have you edited that to work for 1.3.x ? Why are there bits in red?

Within the code on that webpage it says at the top:

Mod title:  Collapsable Categories
##      Mod version:  1.5
##   Works on PunBB:  1.2.x ---- THERE WE GO KEYDOG - WORKS ON 1.2.x :)


As you know the profile page is very plain and boring. I want to make it more exciting.
What extensions are there for the profile?



I know that there is one of these for 1.2.x, but it doesn't work on 1.3.x.
Just wondering if there is one for 1.3.x as I can not find it anywhere?


Ok thanks!


I have the Karma Mod, I just wanted to know what files I need to edit to change 'Karma' to 'Thanks'.
If possible could you find the code that I have to edit? - Makes my life easier smile


Ok thank you.


See the image below says 'Subscribe'. It looks horrible, so how do I change that to an image?

Just like how the 'Facebook Like' button is, an image not text!

Anyone know how to do so?

What code to change, in what file?

Respect to you my friend. <3

Thanks ever so much!


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I think that should just about do thank you very much for you help.

Glad to see you saw my other topic:

smile Your on the ball, I have to say!

Ok it's

I didn't want to tell anyone about it till it's fully done, but oh well smile


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Faith Jaya wrote:

As far as I know, this already exists on Punbb.
You can setup forums/categories permissions in a way to show the forums you want to the member groups you want.

Here is how to do it:
1 Create a new member group for premium users, you can do that from here:
2 Go to the forums management section in your forum ( and click edit on the forum section you'd like to make available only for premium users. then manage permissions from there.

I think it's a very easy process but you will have to move premium users manually to their group.
If you have anymore questions don't hesitate and post them here, I will subscribe to this topic.  wink

Thanks Very Much helped alot, but do you know how I would do it so that they paid on paypal, just like make a new page for it as an example and then I will have to check regularly?