True. I forgot that the timezone is taken form db anyhow to make the time correct.

It would make one more query everytime the script is run. Not everyone likes it.


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Jansson wrote:

Firefox 1.5: Yes, the clearing doesn't work in the first example.

Also I get a space between the yellow and blue field in example 2 under IE, which are not there in FF 1.5.

The fieldset has a padding or something too under FF which are not seen in IE.

Check also in Opera 8.5. There is also the space between the yellow and blue field in example 2 as in IE but the padding in fieldset is smaller than in IE whileas in FF there is no padding at all.

Now much better smile
Thanks a lot !!

Nibbler(cpg) wrote:

If your browser doesn't tell the script the correct timezone then there's nothing I can do about it. Maybe it's a browser issue, I can't test on IE or on mac browsers.

I'm using Firefox 1.5

Nibbler(cpg), I don't know how it happens, but still it always sets my timezone to -1.

What I do is:
1) I set my timezone to CET
2) Logout
3) I delete the cookie resposible for timezone
4) Login, and the script alert me that it set the timezone to -1

My PC timezone is also CET (GMT+1). System - WinXP

I made an experiment. I changed the timezone on my PC for GMT-6. Then deleted cookies, then ran my forum, and it set timezone to -1 again. So it doesn't matter what the timezone is, it always tries to make it -1


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OK, that is understandable Smartys. And it works.

But, WHY the script, Nibbler(cpg) suggested, makes it always -1. It should stay unchanged and is supposed to make adjustment only when it is needed.

So if server timezone is CET,  should  I set my personal timezone in my profile on GMT ??? Am I getting it right?
But it can't be correct, because CET is +01, GMT is 00 and the script substracts one hour. So my entry gets time 2 hours less than it should.

Can anyone explain to me, how to choose the correct timezone, and why the script adjusts it to -1 ??

I checked the tomezone on server with date("T"). It's CET for sure.

Seems to work properly

I said it to early. Seems to work but incorrect.

There is something strange.

My timezone is CET. I set this in admin panel and in my profile. After puting the mod you suggested it adjusts my timezone to -01. That makes my entries' time 2h earlier? Why? Am I doing someting wrong? Can you or anyone check thw script somehow?

Thanks a lot!!! Seems to work properly. We'll see feedback from my users.


Is there a way (mod) to make PunBB set the time zone automatically for users depending on their PC system time?

Some of my users requested such a thing since they often move over different places with different timezones. They remember to change their system time on PC but not always remember to change timezone in their punbb profile.
That would be helpful.

I would be interested in such an integration as well. PunBB + WordPress - that must be possible.
As a gallery script I chose Plogger. Simple but therefore easy to adjust to anyones needs.


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here it is


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What is this colon after if condition for? I have never met this before.

<?php if ($mod_restore): ?>


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nice, but simple

I'd love to have a look at punbb project with extraordinary style with much graphics, gradients, shadows smile

Great!!! That makes life easier smile

Is there a way to upgrade without loosing mods I did?
If new version is released is there a list of files which had been modified in relation to previous version?

I do believe that many people implement modifications. How do you cope with upgrades than?

I tried. Works on 1.2.7


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Is there a way to make the User List invisible for unregistered users?