I downloaded the italian langpack from the downloads page, and I noticed it's definitely lacking in some points.
Didn't bother translating the untranslated admin files, but I corrected A LOT of errors (even if maybe not all), weird literal translations, unused forms, and the likes.
Most notably, the stopwords list had been left untouched, I updated it with a list of 470 something italian stopwords.

downloadfrom here http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/lib/exe/ … nbb13:lang

v 1.1 7 aug 2010 (more errors fixed , nicer mail tempates)
v 1.2 7 aug 2010 (yet little mor errors, but mainly discovered that I was using a tag in mail templates that was not always active, so corrected the error introduced in previous version)
v 1.3 7 oct 2010 (more friendly messages, other strings not yet translated from english)

I know bumping is not politically correct, and hurts little children, yet I'd like to stress the importance of more proper pretty URL management.
Here's an example:

1) http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … -requests/  (proper url)
2) http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … re-stupid/  (keyword bombing url by an "adversary")
3) http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ure-reques  (error in copy/pasting the url)

These all point to the exact same content

Disandvantage of no. 3: search engines detect duplicate content, lowering the rating of the thread

Disadavantage of no. 2: same of no. 3, plus search engines will associate potentially "bad" keyword to your thread

Advantages of a proper redirect which points to http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … -requests/ all the requests for http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ything>:

1) protection against previous problems
2) much easier migration form other forums: I managed to write a PHP script to move the whole content of my old semi-self-made forum script (600 posts something) into punBB, mantaining the topic number association, but unless I manually write an external script that accesses the database for each "old" request, I cannot use pretty urls; while, if a better managment was in place, I could simply have a redirect in .htaccess which 301 redirects all requests for forum-([0-9]+)-.* (current url of my forum) to forum/topic/$1 (new url I intend to use with punbb) without regards to the thread title, and punbb would do a second 301 redirect to forum/topic/$1/whatever-the-title-may-be until the searech engine links are all updated

and thank you AGAIN for the second correction tongue
For some weird reason I only noticed the version by garciat and not the one by rich pedley, which instead works perfectly both for registered users and guests, and both for gravatars and for the identicon/wavatar/monsterid counterpart wink

Hello and thankyou KeyDog for pointing me to that (tested as working!) extension which just replaced the standard captcha code wink
Also very interesting is the unofficial repository linked from within your signature, too bad the gravatar extension is tested up to 1.3.2 and in fact doesn't appear to work in 1.3.4

Now, I just wish the smart 404 suggestion appeals to someone else other than me big_smile

Hello there!
Registed to ask these couple functionalities:
1) the most useful IMO, PunBB needs something like this: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/smart-404/
To put it simply, and to give a real-life scenario, I currently have a forum on one of my websites, which I made getting an existing PHP script and sweating blood to personalize, make seo friendly and generally pump it up to new heights. Had I known before I would've just gone with punbb straight away. Anyway, urls on that forum of mine are like "/forum-<threadid>-post-title-in-this-space. I can improvise a script to import into punbb database the posts data, won't be beautiful but I just need it working so who cares. What I am not going to do is to manually set redirection tables from old urls to new ones, so it would be great if I could just 301 redirect




and let such smart 404 extension do the search (the thread title would be the exact same thing so it would always get a perfect match) and the subsequent 301 redirect to


(in case you have fancy folder based seo friendliness big_smile)

2) Validate SEF url so that, if I have /forum/topic/20/how-to-get-help, and someone maliciously links to /forum/topic/20/ephestione-s-forum-stinks, the users arriving from the link get 301 redirected to /forum/topic/20/how-to-get-help
Currently, the url stays like /forum/topic/20/ephestione-s-forum-stinks which is not really cool wink Both for simple bad url, and because search engines will count the two urls as duplicate contents, with the consequent bad ranking.

EDIT: following not needed anymore, KeyDog pointed me to a perfectly working unofficial extension

2) reCAPTCHA integration. reCAPTCHA is great for a couple of reasons: you load some routines off your sever (namely the image creation and the code check), and you help digitize books. The only bad thing is that it's now owned by google tongue
I have found an unofficial guide for that, but it only appears to work on 1.2 builds of punbb, plus I'd still prefer to have an official extension for that wink