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I don't know why there is no simple Adsense or banner Ad plugin is not available than simple hoooks. I am just looking for extension which provide to make changes (Add/edit/delete) from the admin panel to manage Ads.


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I really like the Githhub for its features but i don't have prior exp with it as like sourceforge,but as others said,its an wise move.lets find out what can i do it with the Githhub for punbb

Works like charm! Thanks keyDog!

kierownik Given link is not working .Link is broken.

Hi ethan42411:

Can we make the content available to Search engines. Guest will not allowed .Any help?

I am using ver 1.3.4 and i want to hide urls ,attachments from guests

I have followed the previous thread recommendations from the ealier posts

but it didn't worked for my version.

Can any one help to out!

I tried this code but it won't works with my current version 1.3.4

Can any one help?

An excellent software lacking support is making every efforts into vain. Nothing worked till now and no support is available

I have just found clear cache button on Admin panel and cleared the cache but its also seems not working!

I have deleted the file "cache_hooks.php" file but it regnerated after some time .But the issue is not resolved .
The footer link is really annoying . I love to link back with PBpun but this extension info is really ugly!

I have removed the hooks but still it showing the message. No idea what i do

I am using SMTP for sending mails with member registration but the registration mails are not received at the users end!

I am using the same SMTP with other scripts where they working fine. any one let me help on this!