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What is difficult about reading anything with this style?  Incredibly easy to read and very easy on the eyes as well imho.

Parpalak wrote:

You are right. The CAPTCHA text in pun_antispam isn't well-protected.

You can use pun_antispam as an example to make your own extension. Seems like you should use the same hooks, you have only to change them.

Why would an official extension such as an antispam extension, which is a pretty important extension imho, be so weak?  I'm not trying to bash anyone, but it just seems like this should be much more developed.


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I think this style looks very good.  Has pushed me over the edge to use Punbb and just modify this style to my needs.  Thank you! smile

Hey narayan,
Thanks for posting this.  So if I modify the same as you have posted above it should work on my install as well correct?


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Looks good.  And I think the bg looks good as well.  It fits the site.

Sorry for going a bit off topic but in case you haven't noticed the links at PunDemo aren't functional at the moment.

Nice extension though! wink