That appears to be an un-modified version of the extern.php it doesn't do me any good. It half way does what I want, it just doesn't show post body content in the feed, it does however show only threads and not replies. If anyone knows how to mod it to do so I would be grateful.

guardian34 wrote:

I don't use it myself, but I've heard that CSSEdit is a good one for Mac OS X.

I use it and love it. I HIGHLY recommend it to any Mac users. Version 2.5 is out.


I'm looking for a way to generate an RSS feed of just new threads with the first posts' content, I don't want replies in the feed. Can this be done with a similar RSS mod?


I would but I can't find an RSS mod that does the same thing as this news mod. I need an RSS feed of new threads with the content of the first post.

Is there any way to use this mod with RSS? This is exactly what I need an RSS feed to do.

Ok I figured it out. I'm using:

//use constant MY_URL so no one includes $their_url
define('MY_URL', '');

Anyway us php illiterates could get an example of how to get this setup? Thanks!

I was searching around and saw that I needed to use cURL to include the file on my server. I'm using this to put it in my site.

$_GET['action'] = 'news';
$_GET['fid'] = 4;
$_GET['show'] = '10';
//use constant MY_URL so no one includes $their_url
define('MY_URL', '');

But I get:

No parameters supplied. See extern.php for instructions.

So I guess I somehow broke the news part of the code. Any suggestions?

His "[Release?]" tag in the subject line makes it look like an un-finished hack. I was just wondering if anyone knows if he posted a "1.0" of his hack. I guess not? I'll give it a try.

Is there an actual release of this hack? I'll dig around more but I'd appreciate any links.



I run an art board called Untitled Image, and I'm about to do a redesign and revamp. I would like to to setup an "art blog" that is generated by users' posts in specific forums. The News Generator plug-in is almost exactly what I need, except it's static and not dynamically updated with any new posts. I was wondering if anyone knows of a plug-in or simple hack to accomplish this?

I don't really want a CMS, but just a way to output post content that I can format with CSS into a blog with comment links to the threads.

Will 1.3 support such features? Should I wait for 1.3 and use the News Generator plug-in for now?


EDIT: I did a little digging in the past threads here and found this:
Would this still work with the current punbb version? Would it be an easy way to accomplish what I want? Is there a better method?

Thanks again!

Thanks much guys.

I'm going to have to try this agian, it was giving me a php error when I tried to put the code into my template...

Hey I just switched not long ago from phpbb, and I am very happy with punbb. I also imported my phpbb database without a problem.

I designed the template based on the defalt code to match the site.


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I just moved my database over from a phpbb board I've been running for the past 3 years, so I've got thousands of posts. My problem is that I've lost a lot of members over time, (nothing to do with the move) for a while I had a real active bunch of regulars that would post everyday (maybe 10 users) and a handful of members that would come and go.

Maybe my problem is that I didn't promote my board more when it was going strong. The board is all but dead now.. I post everyday, and I'll get a few replys a week from one or two people... I do have a handful of lurkers though, that I've seen come back more than once on my site stats tracker. I don't know how to grab them and get them to post... or register if they haven't already...

My site that the board is part of is slowly ramping up in hits though and gaining Google rank, so maybe it's just a matter of time?