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Can I use punbb with a configuration allowing guest message (without registering): no
Can I use punbb with registration (without e-mail verification): no
Can I use punbb with e-mail registration: yes (for the moment), and with regular deletion of spambot registrations
Can I use punbb with e-mail registration and rules: yes (for the moment - tested only since yesterday)

A mandatory extension should not be an option...

A user should be able to use punbb in each of this 4 configurations without extension. It seems to be logical and obvious. If you create a forum for children-youngs and you are spammed by porn images, there is a true problem.

What solution/option in base? no images and links for guest message or for the N first messages of a registered user, captcha, I don't know, but nowadays I think that a forum must offer at least one solution to avoid spam.


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naitkris wrote:

a text equivilant like "What is 5 + 3?" (random numbers) would be a good idea as a basic defence, but then, as mentioned earlier, if this becomes standard to PunBB, then bots will be programmed to defeat this which brings us back to square one. a mod i made, mentioned earlier (based on the Forbidden word spam blocker mod by Daniel Vijge), addresses the issue differently but the problem with this mod is that it must be customised by the administrator to each forum and a "one size fits all" is not going to work (except maybe for limiting URLs and post sizes for new users/guests).

But why not an option to allow an administrator to choose the text of the question, and the text of the answer? It can be a good "basic" anti-spam function.

At the beginning, i used punbb without control (a guest can post): after 1 year, it became impossible.
Then registering was mandatory. After some time, there were spambot registering. And now, spam messages (links, photos...)
Now the e-mail is mandatory : now some spambot registering, but not yet message. For how many time?

Nowadays, one or several simple anti-spam functions (to avoid spam message and spambot registering) should be mandatory. They should be provided by default with the punbb package, but they should be activated or deactivated, in order to replace them by a mod.
It's not really a bug, but it is a missing function, for sure.

sirena wrote:

True. Changing it every few weeks or so would keep them on their toes, of course, but not completely solve the problems inherent in this approach.

As it need a human help (at least one time), doesn't it push back the majority of robot?

I think that punbb lacks of a major function (*), that is a basic anti-spam function (which can be de-activated for adding another one (mod) if desired).

But nowadays, having an anti-spam function, it is not a mod, it is not luxury, it is a basic need.

(*) The only one.

I'm not a specialist, but I think there are several kinds of trouble in a forum :
I. spam posts from non registered users (if guests are allowed)
II. bot registering
III. Undesirable posts from registered user
Imho, III is usually not spam in small forums, and if points I and II are checked, can remain a moderator job. Nevertheless, especially for larger forums, preliminary automatic control can be useful too.

Possible solutions to avoid I. (non registered user post, or for III, user with a number of post < N):
I.1 - IP control (blacklisted IP or domain)
I.2 - Post analysis :
   a  page error if a URL is included (very good idea, but, like keyword filter, this solution may be cicumvented)
   b  Variant 1 : true BBcode URL plus some URL keywords or patterns (http, www, .com, .net, yyy.zz, URL with included spaces...)
   c Variant 2 : post spam analysis (like mail)
I.3 - "Captcha" on each post (from non registered user)
   a Something ultra-simple, like "copy [eight][one]: [.][.]" or "YES: O NO: O NO: O"
   b Mathematical one (23 + 9 : [..])
   c Image use (mmm, not very accessible)
   d other...
I.4 - Moderation (post queing)
   a by all administrator & moderators (whatever forum it is)
   b by each user with more than N mail (N=100)

I.2 and I.3, easy to implement, could be included in punbb pack. Idea:
--- I.2 (typically b) always activated in punbb.
--- I.3 (typically a) activated on request, if/when I.2 become fruitless  (administration parameter)
--- I.4 as an extension (a and/or b)

Possible solutions to avoid II (bot registering)
II.1 - IP control (blacklisted IP or domain) - not suffisant
II.2 - User name and address analysis (mode difficult than for post)
II.3 - Captcha, cf I.3
II.4 - moderation (registration queing), cf I.4
II.5 - Automatic deletion if no post during N days after registering)

--- II.3 as a punbb option (adiministration parameter)
--- II.5 as a punbb option (adiministration parameter) [with or without previous option]
--- II.4 as an extension


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About documentation, the http://punbb.org/docs/install.html is not up to date :
There are several "1.2.12" in place of "1.2.14" (and a "12_to_1212_update.php" of course).
Sorry to only discover serious problems wink

(note; the install.html file in 1.2.14 zip package is OK)

Rickard wrote:
Jansson wrote:

I personally doubt we will see 1.3 this year.

If that turns out to be true, I will eat my hat.

This one can be a good choice: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/71/SombreroHarryTrumann.jpg big_smile:D:D

Smartys wrote:

How about a little button that says "Try it"? big_smile

Or how about a.. hu, sorry, I don't know exactly the english name, a toothed wheel (gears)

It's a very, very, very, very useful work.
One little remark: for the moment, the list is rather short, but if the list grows, another list with mods grouped by type of mods/project should be useful (in addition with current alphabetical list). Something like the following; of course this list is only an example:

+ New functions
Calendar - gizzmo [D]
PunDokuWiki - Connorhd [D]
PBB Chatbox - pokemon_jojo [D]
Private Messaging System - Connorhd [D]

+ Index improvement
Online Today - Mark
Icon Topic - Mark [D]

+ Post improvement
Easy BBCode - Rickard
Modern BBcode - Modern BBcode [D]

+ Rate
Rate Topic - Kha0sK1d [D]
Reputation System - hcs [D]

It could be very useful for someone who doesn't know the mods, but know what kind of function he is searching for.
Whis this aim, I prefer to group "screenshot only" and "demos", with a [D] (or an icon) to show that a demo exist.

But as it is, it's a very great job: we can know exactly the mod and its limits... Thanks!

PS wrote:
abclf wrote:

I would like to make that mod evaluate guest topics only (noeither members neither moderators topics).

I don't see the point having this option, spam is spam. My forum is member only, and spammers sign up just to be able to post spam.

Hum... I don't want to register to punres only for one mail, so I give my opinion here:
I agree with abclf. The answer "spam is spam" is not completely true, as some correct mails are processed as spam.

If a member is registered, and has posted some correct messages, he has no reasons to suddenly become a spammer. So a simple rule like "no spam detection if member and current number of posts > N" (N is an admin parameter) can be added, without any problem, and without taking the risk to ban a ?usual? member.
Even if the "chance" to label "spam" a normal message is lower than 1%, it seems to me that it is better to try to reduce this percentage.


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Maybe the width of the postleft div in base.css?

DIV.postleft, DIV.postfootleft {
    WIDTH: 18em;
    OVERFLOW: hidden
--> try a width of 13em or 12em

(can be erroneous: it's the first time I look into the punbb css files)

Smartys wrote:

No, it doesn't exist (other than as a "Moved" thing, which is really a topic in one forum with a topic that redirects to it in another forum)
You can check out how it's done and possibly modify it so as to have 2 different modes: Moved and a "shared" type thing like you want

Thanks, I thought too, but I wanted to be sure it does'nt exist. Now I think it's better to wait for the 1.3 version before trying to modify something...

Reines wrote:

Im pretty sure there is a mod for global topics, or something similar to this.

I did some search without results, but maybe not with an adequate pattern. It seems to me very strange to be the first person to ask something like this. Is the need to share topic so seldom and fancy? Another need can be for example to have the same sticky message in several forums.

I would like to "share" topic between several forum (*). Is it possible as basic function in punbb? (I did not found). It seems to be easy, as this kind of function exists after a topic transfer (if the link is keeped). I'd like to have the same function, without the "moved:" prefix. Is it a basic function in others forums? (no, no, I don't want to give Punbb up wink)
May be a "feature request" if this facility doesn't exist?

(*) For example: we have a specific "ancient sci-fi" forum, and a specific "sci-fi for young people" one. If a topic concerns ancient sci-fi for young people, It could be convenient to have an access point to the topic from both forums.

Thanks for the quick answer,

Smartys wrote:

1. I don't think so

too bad

2. That means the image couldn't be loaded
like here. Just a timeout on the user's end

Ok, I see the 'alt' attribute of the img; I'm using firefox in place of IE since some weeks, and as ff doesn't display a red cross before the alt text, I didn't understand what exactly is this displayed url.

So the question is now a little bit different: why always a timeout on my side with punbb, and never a timeout without it?

>> [Edit] No, sorry, if the test html file is on my computer, it works, if the test html file is on my provider's server, it doesn't work. Not a punbb troubleshooting wink

Hello, 2 questions about [img]:

1. Is it possible to use punbb search function to find all [img] used in post?

2. Sometimes, a "[img]url[/img]" string in a post is displayed only as the "url" text, and not replaced by the image itself; Why ? If I use directly the 'url' as an adress in another window, the image is seen and OK (and the post can be view by somebody else, with the image, from another site). What can be the reason?


It should be convenient to do such a substitution (before displaying the post content, or imho better before adding it in base):

Espace insécable devant ; : ! ?  (Non-breakable space before ...)

$content = eregi_replace("([ ]*)([?!:;]{1})", " \\2", $content);  http://www.phpinfo.net/regex/

Connorhd wrote:

how about just make a double space a  ?

I think that (like a [ ] BB code), it can be convenient for seldom usage, but not useful courant one: it should be an automatic processing for a french forum.
Why not substituting in content of posts the blank space of all "[any character except space] [;:?!]" patterns by a " "? Not difficult with Perl, but I don't know php. Useful for french language, and doesn't matter for others (and this specific pattern should not be used).

Rickard wrote:

I understand. You don't want to line to break between those characters and the last word. It's difficult. Most other languages "forbid" any whitespace between the last word and any punctuation.

I don't know how is processed exactly BB code, but: is it possible to imagine using a BB code like "[ ]" (space between [ and ]), substituted by   ?


I know there is already a mod for a topic status ([Mod] Topic resolved or not). But I think that the need can be more extensive, and that a native extension to a 'configurable' status management should be very useful for a lot of forums administrators.

Why configurable? Depending on each individual forum aim, the needed status can be different; Examples for some kind of forums (with possible use in punbb, to show how it can be useful smile ):

- topic=questions  ---> none / "resolved" [punbb example: Troubleshooting]
- topic=web site error  ---> none / "updated"
- topic=request (feature, function) ---> none / "added"  [punbb example: feature request]
       (or better, 3-valued status "none" / "abandonned" / "added" (or solution to add: none/refused/native/mod)
- topic=Bug/Technical fact ---> none / "closed" [punbb example: Bug reports]
      (or better with more values, you can imagine...)
- topic=announces (events, exhibitions, ads...) ---> none / "obsolete" [punbb example: News]
- list of functions ---> none / "deprecated"
- free discussions ---> "polemic or hot" / none [punbb example: discussions]

e.g., with the following parameters attached to each forum creation:
- additionnal status:     [_]
- automatic reset on new post:    [x]
- can be changed by moderators:   [x]
- initial state label  [______________]     active state label  [OK___________]   
       (hidden if empty; [LABEL] added if filled)

This should help a lot of forum administrators and users. Of course, we can imagine more options (see herafter), but even as described, this feature seems to be useful (and not so fancy).

Gil (not fluent, sorry)

Advanced options:
- displaying configuration(before or after the topic name)
- more values by status (--> with [Add New] button, or max 5), and corresponding automatic change when new post
- possible change by the topic author (for ads, questions...)


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Install OK, Excellent!
Just a little bug:
doc isn't up to date: Follow these instructions to update your current 1.2.* installation to 1.2.8. wink