Hi pokemon_jojo:

I tried your chatbox out.  I think I installed everything correctly.  But I got this error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare check_cookie() (previously declared in /home/xxx/include/functions.php:28) in /home/xxx/include/functions.php on line 28

ok, thanks elbekko!

I don't know, elbekko..  I imagine she might.  What should I tell her if she does?

No, not in frames..

Hi everybody--

This isn't a punbb problem, I'm trying to help my friend troubleshoot her computer.

When she logs into my punbb forum, she gets the message that login is successful, but when she is redirected to the home page, she is no longer logged in.  I tried logging in with her username and password, and it worked fine.

My first thought was, it must be a cookie problem in her browser.  So we checked all her security settings (in IE6), added my URL to her allowed sites, and to her trusted sites list in her antivirus program (McAfee I think).  But it still doesn't work.

Here's the weird part..  I asked her to check it in Firefox, and it still didn't work.  So I think it must be something in Windows that's interfering with the cookies.  I'm a Mac user so I don't know much about troubleshooting Windows. 

Do you have any ideas how I might help her with this problem?


I have the same question as dss....  has it been answered that anyone knows of?

briank wrote:

i'm getting a lot of comments from mac users complaining that it isn't working in safarai for them, but they have java installed

Me too...  when I tried accessing my chat room from Safari, I got a message that I didn't have the Java plugin..   I even tried another Java based IRC chat room to see if maybe Java had gotten messed up.

It works fine in Firefox though.


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Seva, spasibo bolshoi for posting this!

I know just enough about php to be dangerous.  Posting this just for clarity's sake, as I figure there must be hacks like me who follow seva's excellent instructions and don't know why the sex doesn't show up in the profile.  And because I'm awfully proud that I figured it out on my own, that you must also add your new database field name to your SQL query:

$result = $db->query('SELECT u.username, u.email, u.title, u.realname, u.url, u.jabber, u.icq, u.msn, u.aim, u.yahoo, u.sex, u.location, u.use_avatar, u.signature, u.disp_topics, u.disp_posts, ....



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cafepress wrote:

The ladies go crazy over men in PunBB gear, so go ahead and spend your hard-earned dollars!

What about the ladies in PunBB gear?



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never mind folks..  I tried installing a 2nd time and it worked perfectly.


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Hi Endre-- unfortunately lunacy is everywhere...  Here's one I got from my #1 crazy ex-member:

....I learnt that some people have power problems, because in life they
don't have any other place where they feel powerful , because they
always feel weak, and like shit. That's why they like to make people
feel weak. That way they satisfy their urge to be important. But They
can not understand one fact that, they can not be important by using
Hitler like attitudes. Hitler had to commit suicide at the end ya >

Why don't you ban yourself one day?

You have problems Molly. Accept it.


I have never had someone beg to be an admin though..  I guess they know better!  smile



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Hi folks-- I'm trying out punbb as a possible alternative to the XMB forum I have had going for a while.

I just ran the installer, and now calling index.php brings up this error:

Warning: main(./include/functions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/xxx/public_html/punbb/include/common.php on line 81

Warning: main(./include/functions.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/xxx/public_html/punbb/include/common.php on line 81

Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required './include/functions.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/xxx/public_html/punbb/include/common.php on line 81

Any idea what went wrong?