firefox 10.0.2
firebug 1.9.1

chrome 19.0.1049.3 dev-m


So you have an "m" folder in "img" folder on server and it's writable?

Yes, all chmod 777

I see that image has been uploaded but there is a strange error.

Yes, but the preview does not show. Just when you delete. The image is removed, but the timer turns.

1) What browser do you use?

Firefox last version, chrome last version, IE 8

2) What operating system?

winxp, win7

3) What firebug version?

I can not say for sure, will tell later.
It was established many extensions, perhaps some kind of conflict?
Bring a list of installed extensions?
p.s. sorry for my bad speak english

Thanks for extension.
But there are problems:
In what may be the problem?

rajuru, Thank you, we are waiting for you.  smile


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project xn_jquery is dead...

rs324, Create New Topic and ext pun_tags the problem remained smile
May be add plugins autoresize is on ?
And add in top or bottom editor

<script type="text/javascript">
function toggleEditor(id) {
if (!tinyMCE.get(id))
tinyMCE.execCommand('mceAddControl', false, id);
tinyMCE.execCommand('mceRemoveControl', false, id);
<p><center><a href="javascript:toggleEditor('fld2');"><b>Add/Remove editor</b></a></center></p>

official extensions pun_tags v1.5 ->
Moderator extension
Edit post:

rs324, pun_quote v2.2.2 is official extensions -> insert_nick_to_quickpost

if ($forum_config['o_quickpost'] == '1' &&
    !$forum_user['is_guest'] &&
    ($cur_topic['post_replies'] == '1' || ($cur_topic['post_replies'] == '' && $forum_user['g_post_replies'] == '1')) &&
    ($cur_topic['closed'] == '0' || $forum_page['is_admmod'])) $forum_page['post_ident']['byline'] = str_replace('</span><a title=', '</span><a onclick="return insert_text(\'\', \'[b]'.forum_htmlencode($cur_post['username']).'[/b], \')" href="#req_message"> → </a><a title=', $forum_page['post_ident']['byline']);

after install not worked pun_quote, insert_nick_to_quickpost...

Big th'z for this ext!!!

Thank you for this.


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took, took, took...
wake up!


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Whether it is planned to make rating system?


-hidden moderators and administrators can post always

It not absolutely so.
Forum1 - moderator1
Forum2 - moderator1
Forum3 - moderator2

If moderator1 set our status is hide, he cannot write in a forum3, but can write to forum1 and forum2.  sad
Whether it is impossible to correct it?