Well, I can confirm that accounts get created even without the register.php script.

I /I/ try to register a new account with the link, I get 404, but somehow the bots have a way around it and can create a new account AND post.

Help !

Yes I had a forum.old, but it's not publicised in an index... I moved it off to see if it helps. How could they reach a directory that is not indexed ?

In fact, I had renamed the register.php register.php.bak and I still got accounts creation.. Could it be some sort of SQL injection ?

Bots are creating users on my forum despite me having disabled new creations. I also changed the cookie to something random, to no effect.
I think they found a way to fake the account confirmation email or something, but they entirely bypass the register page.

Anyone has seen this ?

Any fix ?

I'm running 1.2.21, with very very little tweaks.

It seems the hang is due to sqlite 2 on debian sarge in my case. I just converted to mysql and I can edit long posts again...

There it finaly worked. Deleted the CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX from the sqlite dump file, replaced the "INSERT" statements by "REPLACE" statements, converted numerics INSERTS into search_words to string literals.

I created the tables in mysql using a brand new install.php and re-imported the dump into it. I then reconstructed the indexes from the admin menu and it now all back up...

Not trivial tho !

Yeah thats what I'm seeing as well... I tried to re-run install.php on a clean database to have it create the table, and deleting the CREATE TABLE from the sqlite dump.. however when I re-import the data it complains immediately about "duplicate key"

I'm converting "INSERT" to "REPLACE" to see if I can finaly manage it...

Bit more details with debug mode on:

Rebuilding index ? This might be a good time to put on some coffee :-)

Processing post 1 in topic 1
An error was encountered
File: /var/www/mf2/include/search_idx.php
Line: 149

PunBB reported: Unable to insert search index words

Database reported: Duplicate entry '0' for key 1 (Errno: 1062)

Failed query: INSERT INTO search_words (word) VALUES('are'),('countless'),('discussions'),('related'),('manual'),('lens'),('focus'),('picture'),('quality'),('adaptors'),('etc'),('decideed'),('create'),('friendly'),('forum'),('interested'),('try'),('forums'),('start'),('needed'),('lets'),('chatting'),('welcome')

Ok, so I can convert the base to mysql, and the punbb manages to browse everything on it...

however if I try to post/edit anything, or if I try to rebuild the database I get:

Rebuilding index ? This might be a good time to put on some coffee :-)

Processing post 1 in topic 1
An error was encountered
Error: Unable to insert search index words.

The "unable to insert search word" is constant...

Any idea how to make the conversion work ?

thanks I will try that, I think last time it was complaining some other problems as well. I'm busy doing another (slow!) mysql import and I'll report.

There is already a bug in sqlite .dump command, apparently if you have a \ at the end of a string it fails to escape it properly so you get a string like '... \' whuch confuses mysq-hell no end big_smile

My board has almost reached 40k posts, and the sqlite DB is about 130MB. I decided to "upgrade" to MySQL to see if it improved performance and/or fixed the "long post edit hang" problem I've been having..

I managed to dump the sqlite DB, and munch it to make MySQL accept it (after creating the SQL database with the "collate latin1_bin" ! otherwise search indexes are broken) and the new install of punbb can browser the new database succesfuly, but I can't post any new posts, it tries to re-use the "zero" topic number instead of using the last one used.

Does anyone managed to do this conversion ?

I have a similar problem with my punbb and long posts. If you edit a post that is longer than 2 or 3 "pages" the forum hangs, and also hangs apache in my case.
To unlock it I have to remove sqlite's DB -journal file and restart apache...

I run .14 on debian sarge..