it's there :

the webmaster asked to people not giving the direct download link, so you'll have to register on his forum and after to downlod it.


all is fine now ... it was a code error in message_send.php ...

it have been fix by the french trnaslation author.

yes, but I 've take the french translated mod called "MOD_Message_Priver_1.2.2_FR".

see that in install mod about hte mod :

Titre du Mod : Message Personnel 1.2.2 FR

Mod d'origine : Private Message System 1.2.2 EN

Date de création : 05-10-2005

Date de révision : 09-10-2005

Autheur : Connorhd original 1.1.x version by David 'Chacmool' Djurbäck (

Traducteur(s) : Vin100 ( - Alfadir (

thank you for the rapidity ... !

i get this :

Une erreur s'est produite
Fichier : /home/ch008/www/message_send.php
Ligne : 82

PunBB a rapporté : Unable to get user id

La base de données a rapporté : Unknown column 'email_alert' in 'field list' (Errno: 1054)

Requête échouée : SELECT username, group_id, email, email_alert FROM punbb_users WHERE id!=1 AND username='Abyssin'


Smartys wrote:

I think I might know the cause of the error: enable debug mode and show queries and paste the exact contents of the error message here smile
(Just uncomment the two calls to define() in the top of common.php, just so you can get the error, then comment them again)

Can you be more explicit on what to do and how to do it because as you see it i'm a newbie ...

thank yo uvery much ! ;-)

hi everybody

i've just finish to install this mod and all seems to be right ...

but ... ^^

when I want to send a PM, i'get this : "Erreur : Unable to get user id" .

Does anyone have already got this bug ? And fixed it ? ;-)

thank you

hi !

I have this error when I try to upload a picture :

Warning: ftp_put(): img/gallery/4_1130026730.jpg: No such file or directory in /home/ch008/www/gallery_post.php on line 287

Warning: ftp_put(): img/gallery/4_thumbs_1130026730.jpg: No such file or directory in /home/ch008/www/gallery_post.php on line 288

Have a idea to how resolve that ?

thank u ;-)