For those still having trouble, I finally figured it out.

the code should be:

include ('');

but the trick which no one mentioned was the fact that your index.html page should be changed to index.php
that'll do it.

hcgtv wrote:

There's a file called rss.php that does the same thing, do a search on the forum.

It has been changed and enhanced over time by Alex King and others, I use it on my blog.

How is it you use rss.php to output straight text instead of an RSS feed?

Elzar wrote:
Shine wrote:

IObviously I am doing something wrong but cannot figure out what.

Ask your host if they have blocked including remote files.

I don't believe my host blocks this, and I have the same problem. Is there another way to do this because I am having the same problem as Shine.

ma_smith wrote:

go to your forum.

RIght click (or ctrl click for for mac)
"view source code"
do a find for "post reply"
when you find it, see what div its in ex:

<p class="postlink conr"><a href="post.php?tid=4">Post reply</a></p>

Then go to forum/templates/main.tpl or one of the others and search/find for "p.postlink conr"
When you find it, apply a

background: url (url of background image) #color here;

You will probably want to make your image as wide as the element.

Or you could just replace "post reply" with an img tag?

Make sense?


thank you very much. I will try that out!

say I wanted to add a little arrow .GIF next to the Post Reply link. How would I do this?

Any idea when an update for 1.2.10 will be created?

shenji wrote:

can you show the code you use to put the forum in the html page ?
i wanna do exactly the same thing ...

I am curious about the same.

very nice!


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Amaresh wrote:

This is my first attempt at running a punBB forum, and after making the switch from 'bloatware' like vBulletin and IPB, I must say I have been amazed by its versatility and simplicity. I would really like to thank Rickard for a great nifty script like punBB and the only way for it is to the top smile

I have been trying to skin punBB to integrate seamlessly into my site, at
The punBB installation may be found at so please take a look and let me know what you think of my maiden attempt!

Good Day.

Yes. Very nice color scheme and nicely integrated into your site.  smile


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what is the html code I need to use to include extern.php as part of my homepage?

af3 wrote:

this is superb. I used ver1.0+ before and added popup link so that the images can be shown in a popup window instead by using onclick javascript function. WIth this 2.0beta, sicne the images are called by parsing pid=x into header(location:xx), i cant figure out how to do popup now.  also php cant do popup.

any idea?

i'm still trying.

I agree. I would like images to open in a seperate window when clicked on from the gallery. Anyone have a solution for this under PBB Gallery 2.0?