Rickard wrote:

- "Translatable" admin interface

I spent few hours on translating it into Polish.
Now is 5.45 (AM!), and I still don't have all.
Maybe I should do this by $lang_something table and then posting new translation will be easier?
But I don't know how exactly you want to do a translation in the admin interface.

I've got one more question (cennected with translation)
Why you don't use <?= $something ?> insted of <?php echo $something ?>


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I know and I did it, but who needs 5 IMs?


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Is it possible to write all of the instant messagers in only one field in database?
They can be separated by commas and names of IMs can be placed in translation.
In my country nobody use "popular messagers" like yahoo, aim, msn, icq.
We have our own IM which is almost standard in communication via internet and it isn't popular in any other country.
I think, that this situation could happen in other countries and moving IMs to translation is good idea.


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Why I can't see Jabber in admin_users.php ?
I think, that it should be present between lines 390 and 391.