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Ideally, I only want to limit posts by new members.  In other words, all posts by new members go through the approval process.  Once a member has met a certain quota (i.e., 3 approved posts), then their posts no longer need to be approved.

Is there an extension that can do this or can this extension be tweaked to support this feature?


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Fatal error: Call to undefined function: http_build_query() in [forumrootremoved]\profile.php(653) : eval()'d code on line 19

I just received this error when I tried to submit the spammer's details to SFS.com. Any idea what's up?

PS: I was surprised to see that a Chinese spammer made it past my reCaptcha extension. *grumble*


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Bump ... anyone?


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Using the code below, it's not collapsed by default. It only collapses/expands if I click the "Create Poll/Hide".  What should I do to tweak it?

Cleric wrote:
Huuuze wrote:

bump x 4 ...any traction on collapsing the polls by default?

Im not sure if I can help but I took the spoiler code from one of the bbcode extensions and put it in pun_poll, for the same reason as you stated before.

On line 8:

    <div id="spoiler-container" class="mf-box checkbox" style="border:0px solid black;">    
    <span id="spoiler-button" onClick="if(this.innerHTML=='Create Poll'){this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'block';this.innerHTML='Hide';} else {this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none';this.innerHTML='Create Poll';}">Create Poll</span>
    <div id="spoiler-hidebox">
<fieldset class="frm-group group<?php echo ++$forum_page['group_count'] ?>">

and on line 134:


I've made a few more fixes for myself and could refine them to fit in the official extensions if theres an interest in it.


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bump x 4 ...any traction on collapsing the polls by default?

Grez wrote:

@Huuuze: That's strange - unistalling extension should erase all code from your db - try to clear cache or install / unistall extension again  neutral

@Grez I also had the original anti-spam app installed.  Could that have caused the problem?

I uninstalled this extension and now I receive this error when I open my administration page:

The error occurred on line 46 in C:\forum\admin\index.php(227) : eval()'d code

Database reported: Table 'atc_forum_db.url_spam' doesn't exist (Errno: 1146).

Any thoughts on how to fix it?


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@Slavok In addition to my request to have a collapsible poll, I'd also like to see the ability to select multiple answers in a poll.  Many of my users will ask questions like, "Of the 5 choices, which 3 do you prefer?"


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Yeah, this is essentially broken until those fixes are added.


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bump x 3

Can you add this URL to the list?  I've been getting spammed by it for a week now:



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* bump x 2 *

Any word?  I could try tackling this myself, but it'd be more of a hack than a hook.   smile

FYI, for this code to work in 1.3, you need to do the following on Line 176 of header.php:

$gen_elements['<!-- forum_announcement -->'] = ($forum_config['o_announcement'] == '1' && $forum_user['g_read_board'] == '1' && $forum_user['username'] == 'Guest') ? '<div id="brd-announcement" class="gen-content">'.($forum_config['o_announcement_heading'] != '' ? "\n\t".'<h1 class="hn"><span>'.$forum_config['o_announcement_heading'].'</span></h1>' : '')."\n\t".'<div class="content">'.$forum_config['o_announcement_message'].'</div>'."\n".'</div>'."\n" : '';
Grez wrote:

@Huuuze Installing it would be nice thing to do  big_smile

Should've clarified -- I've DLed and installed the AntiForumSpam extension, but what do I do with the CSV file?

I've downloaded it.  Now what?

I fixed it.  See the answer here:


I figured it out.  The pun_bbcode extension needed a fix in the bar.php file:

$bbar_text = str_replace(array('"', "\n"), array('\"', "\\\n"), $bbar_text);

...should be...

$bbar_text = str_replace(array('"', "\n", "\r"), array('\"', "\\\n", "\\\n"), $bbar_text);

For whatever reason, the generated JavaScript does not include the "continue on next line" backslash which concatenates the entire JS string on each line.  Does anyone know where the method that adds those backslashes lives?

I have the same problem.  The problem is clear in the JavaScript error console.  It's having trouble finding the end of the string for some reason.  Here's the JS that it outputs:



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* bump *

Any word on making it collapsible?

Okay, I ran things through Safari's web developer toolbar and it shows a "Parse error" in the code below (Line 4).  Any thoughts?

(had to use a link since the JavaScript includes a bunch of BBCodes)


I've installed a few extensions and I noticed that my BBCode bar is missing all of a sudden.  Outside of disabling the extensions, is there an easier way to troubleshoot this issue?

I've added a new field to the USER table and I'd like to be able to include that value in the "$forum_user" object.  Unfortunately, I can't find where that object is created.

Any help is appreciated!


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rajuru wrote:
Slavok wrote:
rajuru wrote:

Can you kindly make it (the poll options in quick reply  and reply page) collapsible by default (can be configurable too by admin). It will make posting/replying more comfortable.

Thanks for the idea. We will think about it.

did u think about it ? smile

I'd like to second this recommendation.  The default takes up too much space, especially when most people won't create a poll.

If anything, can you provide a hook to collapse/expand that DIV?