cheers for this.

That's okay, thanks for the great extension anyway. If I find out how at all, I'll update ^_^

I was wondering if anyone would know what I could put into one of the blocks (code? think I have php enabled inside the block), so that it shows a list of forums that user has access to.

Would be really helpful, thanks in advance :x

Ahh, not sure where they would actually be stored.

The way I access mine is through my host's cpanel, from there is has the option to save/restore backups, or create new MySQL databases/add users.

Forum content would all be saved into a mysql database (.sql), usually on the localhost.

Haha, wow.. looks great. Love the water themed pic

Thanks for this! The spoiler= thing is great.

Another idea:
Would it be possible to make it so if there's a quote with an image in it, it would put spoiler tags around it?
It makes the quotes so much smaller and easier to read and duplicate images in threads piss me off.

Someone quotes:


It gets picked up on and changed to:



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It possible to make it so it deletes the oldest message when it reaches 100?
And then make a box where you can save messages if you want?

But not on other people's pages, not for my forum at least anyway.


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Oh, any chance of getting a zoom feature on the images to make them full size?
If it's not too much trouble.  big_smile

It could display on the profile what friends you have, and maybe you could have a (changeable setting) so only friends could post comments on your profile? wink

Only Admins are able to see the "View Warnings of User" on their profile page.
Moderators cannot see this option.

I think they should be able to see it, since Moderators can warn people too.

Moderators can warn people, yet are unable to see the warnings on other people's profiles?
Could this be fixed if possible, and disabling ban for them too?


Admins could set a timer on a thread for it to be bumped at a specific date/time.
This would be useful to remind people when movies/shows/events are going to be coming out or happening.

It could even have a list of threads that have been set to bump timers and the reason for the bump and time.

Great job. Well done.


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You've contributed to helping me build my own community,  keep in touch with friends, and helping with feature requests and my general noob questions.

That being said, this is a great community as well and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Merry Christmas to you all, have a good one.  smile


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Where can I see an example? This really doesn't work on mine, even when I disable daris' portal.


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Would anyone know what php code I could put in a panel for it to show the list of forums the user has access to? (linked ofcourse)  smile


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Awesome extension. Thankyou very much.


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Mine looks really bad using that theme.
(I don't have a good mobile to check it with yet)
[also using Daris's portal.. uhoh]

Is it supposed to look mega screwed up in a browser when using that theme?


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Wicked, looking forward to it.
Cheers for your hard work.  smile


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Love this idea.
Anyway we could get it made part of the activetopics page for Daris's portal? big_smile


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Mine does this:


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yes. Thankyou so much smile


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[quote=[url][/url]] Blah blah blah [/quote]

Would be quite useful when referencing external sites and taking quotes.