I would add


True, I will look into that this evening; I also just realized I didn't hook into the edit function yet, so I will be adding that as well.

I think for seamless integration, I might just do a check on the current subscription setting of user being tagged and if he doesn't like to be subscribed to stuff, don't alert him unless an administrator is doing the tagging.

I'm not 100% sure what I want to do yet, been juggling a couple of ideas around in my head smile

Won't work to yourself since it works off subscriptions, and you just "viewed" the thread, if you're trying to alert yourself.

Fixed the issue with the error when sending out notifications on new topics, please download the updated extension!

He's just using the mail() function itself, I believe, when he should be including the email handler from PunBB and using forum_mail();

Hehe Grez check out my edit. I found my problem, it's because in

function send_subscriptions

PunBB performs a check on the previous post, and of course there is no previous post on a new topic. Working out a proper resolution right now.

@kiejr noted, I will probably do something to that effect.

It actually is using forum_mail, which defaults to the PHP mail function if it doesn't have SMTP details provided; I however usually have problems with PHP's mail function on web servers running on my personal computers tongue

You should get the default subscription email:

noobsauce has replied to the topic 'Test post' to which you are subscribed. There may be more new replies, but this is the only notification you will receive until you visit the board again.

The message reads as follows:

@nhodges i'll mess you up


The post is located at http://localhost/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=38#p38

You can unsubscribe by going to http://localhost/forums/misc.php?unsubscribe=1&csrf_token=359c467590fa1e22f75badbde168f9b865c2f60a

Just updated, uses your avatar sizes set in the control panel!


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@noodles are you running a local installation or is this on a real installation? if you're running locally, remember, you need to have an SMTP server running!


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Grez wrote:

$post_info is not isset when you are creating a new topic so you can't do this smile
[code=php]send_subscriptions($post_info, $new_pid);[/code]

BTW, just noticed - there's no link in Preview - could it be added there too? smile

Will add preview when I get rid of this error smile

What's this? Found in post.php

// If it's a new topic
else if ($fid)
    $post_info = array(
        'is_guest'        => $forum_user['is_guest'],
        'poster'        => $username,
        'poster_id'        => $forum_user['id'],    // Always 1 for guest posts
        'poster_email'    => ($forum_user['is_guest'] && $email != '') ? $email : null,    // Always null for non-guest posts
        'subject'        => $subject,
        'message'        => $message,
        'hide_smilies'    => $hide_smilies,
        'posted'        => $now,
        'subscribe'        => ($forum_config['o_subscriptions'] == '1' && (isset($_POST['subscribe']) && $_POST['subscribe'] == '1')),
        'forum_id'        => $fid,
        'update_user'    => true,
        'update_unread'    => true

    ($hook = get_hook('po_pre_add_topic')) ? eval($hook) : null;
    add_topic($post_info, $new_tid, $new_pid);


But yeah, I do this because there is no $post_info['topic_id'] on new topic:

$usertag_topicid = isset($post_info['topic_id']) ? $post_info['topic_id'] : $new_tid;


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PHP 5.3 (Not using any 5.3 only functions.)
MySQL Version: 5.1.41

Hmm, let me check if there is any disparities when using MySQLi vs MySQL


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Is this already built into PunBB?


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Which PunBB are you using, and do you have the latest version of the extension?


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Updated ZIP to newest version, this one includes the subscribe/send/unsubscribe functionality.


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I've just integrated it into the subscriptions system on my development platform; how I have it working now is it subscribes the tagged user to the post, sends an email with the fulltext of the post, and then unsubscribes the user (only starts this workflow if the user tagged is not already subscribed)

Just doing some more testing and I'll update with the updated extension!

No problem, let me know if you have any issues!

Had a couple users complain because they thought a thread didn't exist / had been deleted, but in fact they just weren't logged in.

Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated.

Probably as simple as adding a new lang item for not logged in and adding it to a switch there?

Hey KeyDog, checked that out, what do you think about storing settings for individual users though? I don't want to ALTER the table structure, but I don't want to make tons of individual config records, or do you think that might be the best way?


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SuperMAG wrote:
colak wrote:
Slavok wrote:

Add an extension request, please.

Did it:)

It doesn't matter if you put that in the Extension Requests list. nobody create extensions from there. you might need to wait 6 months or so, for extension developers to create even just few extensions lol.

There are very very few extension developers currently. And besides, no one visit wiki to find extension request page. That page should be in Forums.

I just made two from that list!


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Pretty self-explanatory, extends the bbcode functionality so that users can post maps with the [map][/map] bbcode

Download: http://irunbackwards.com/files/pun_mapcode.zip


Why would you hack the source, they made it extensible for a reason! Using this extensibility makes something like adding another bbcode really easy!

Just use this hook!

<hook id="ps_do_bbcode_replace"><![CDATA[
    $pattern[] = '#\[youtube\](.*?)\[/youtube\]#s';
    $replace[] = '<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/$1"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/$1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>';


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@KeyDog, thanks, yeah I don't like the x.x versioning system however I was in a quick hurry to get kiejr an update smile I have switched to x.x.x for future updates.


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@KeyDog yeah, I'll be adding dynamic workflow (user settings etc) to the extension, but for now I just want to fill it out, feature-wise.

@kiejr silly mistake on my part, uploading fix for that.

It also works now with emailing the user you tagged, sends a really simple email with a link to the post.

How do you guys manage settings? I'm interested in creating some applications / extensions within PunBB with dynamic workflow, but I wasn't sure about the best way to plug myself into the overall workflow of PunBB.

Any good examples / recommendations?