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Clear and brief :-)

It's been a long time since in this forum was announced the version 1.3, before Christmas. At this time I think that 1.3 won't be released, perhaps Rickard is developing a more advanced version. I don't know why, but I think that maybe the next version will use XML/XSL Transformations. Am I right?
May I ask something about next release?I would like to know the progress if it's possible.
Thank you very much.

Just a question, I'm trying to learn more about XML/XSLT.
Using XML, do you still need a database for the posts? or you will create the xml document from the database?

Thank you.

Rickard wrote:

I can see PunBB moving over to a template system some time in the future, but if anything, it will be XML/XSLT with client side transformations (and server fall-back of course).

That's a great idea! I would like to see it soon.

Thank you for your reply.

Ok, I'm agreee with that, but I'm not agree with the fact that to modify something in the template you have to see php code. I think that php and html or xhtml, should be separated.
In my opinion is a great example, I think that they use their own template system (not 100% sure) but you can create templates easyly, just with xhtml (or html) and inserting some tags.
Here you can see the creation of a template  in only 3 steps:
    * Template Basics
    * Adding MODx Tags
    * Adding Snippets
It's very easy, and the most powerfull that I have ever seen.
It's just an idea, I suppose that change everything now it's quite difficult, but better as soon as possible.
Thank you.

And why don't you help to punbb and change the code with Rickard instead of fork?
I think that punbb should change to a template solution. Now, that's it in my opinion the worst thing in punbb.
Anyway, I don't know what Rickard thinks about this, but I would like to know ;-)

Hello, finally I've decided to change my old phpBB forum to punbb, I really hope that this forum carry on succesfully.

I was waiting for the new 1.3 version but finally I decided to install it now because I don't know when punnbb 1.3 will be released.
I really hope that this forum have new features and improvements from time to time.
Do someone know how long for 1.3? not a date, only an aproximate date for the release, how is it going, etc...
It would be great if somewhere in this forum the developer write how is the project going, when he finish a new feature, a percentaje of the work done, something like this.
Anyway, thank you for this forum, and keep going with it!!

(Sorry for my English)


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All Right!!!
I understand now, thank you!!

Good Work!!


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One question more, if you do that, then you won't be able to activate the announcements because the quote box replace it, isn it?
Will be possible do (for example) a attachment extension or image gallery...?
Anyway, I think that I'm anticipating, I will wait until you finish the version.
I will chagne my forum to punbb soon.
Thank you.


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Yes, I know it doesn't modify the template, but the random quote is printed in the <pon_announcement> postition of the template, isn it?
Sorry, probably I don't understand it well yet.
Thank you.


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I've seen in the  demo that the extension replace <pon_announcement>, but if the extension needs to modify the template, what happen then?
Anyway, good job, I just discovered this forum system today and I'm very happy. Finally a good alternative to phpbb.
Thank you.


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Thank you very much, I really thnk that this forum is the future.
I'll read.
Thank you.


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I am very interested in seeing a roadmap, is it possible?
I would like to know if PunBB will have attachment support, not by mod, I don't like the mods.
Thank you very much.