or at least to support your own language

this modification is at you own risk

go to include/functions.php , find the function

function sef_friendly($str) - line 747


$str = strtr($str, $lang_url_replace);
$str = strtolower(utf8_decode($str));

replace with :

$str = strtr($str, $lang_url_replace);
$str = strtolower($str);

and here comes the tricky part :

find (is the next line)

$str = forum_trim(preg_replace(array('/[^a-z0-9\s]/', '/[\s]+/'), array('', '-'), $str), '-');

replace with (and read the coment after the code block):

$str = forum_trim(preg_replace(array('/[^a-z0-9א-ת\s]/', '/[\s]+/'), array('', '-'), $str), '-');

important !

after 0-9 i added א-ת which are the valid latter in hebrew
א = first letter (like A in english)
ת = last letter (like Z in english)

now here you need to enter you own language latters for that to work own your own language.



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Audiofeeline wrote:

$audio_title = generate_crumbs(true); $audio_title = str_replace("(Page 1)", "", $audio_title); if (FORUM_PAGE == 'index') {$forum_head['title'] = '<title>'.$forum_config['o_board_desc'].'</title>';} else {$forum_head['title'] = '<title>'.$audio_title.'</title>';}

what about Page 2 ? Page 3 ? etc...
also you have problem with multi lang support

i have written quick edit supporting all other stuff

if (FORUM_PAGE == 'index') 
    $forum_head['title'] = '<title>'.$forum_config['o_board_desc'].'</title>';
         if (isset($forum_page['page']))
        $pageNum = ' ('.$lang_common['Page'].' '.forum_number_format($forum_page['page']).')' ;
        $pageNum ='';
    $Seotitle = str_replace($pageNum,'',generate_crumbs(true));
    $forum_head['title'] = '<title>'.$Seotitle.'</title>';


KeyDog wrote:

@Gujjerji110: Here's what the demo looks like by default...


@rs324: Nice extension!
Q: Those options above appearing on the right can be controlled by the css right? Also the code, color, list - how would you add those?

hey , im sorry becouse im using rtl so i place the icons on the right

to change them to left just edit manfiest.xml  line 43


theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "right",

replace with

theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "left",

or if you want them in center , replace with

theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "center",

also you can change the skin of the editor
to so go to line 31 or line 32 and remove the comment

skins info are from here : http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/examples/skins.php

about code , color , list & simlies ,
actually i havent used them yet (im using punbb only for 2 days) i guss i will add them to the next version.

im glad you like this extntion (i made it only becouse i hate to write  & use bbcode - reminds me year 2000)

New Version 1.0.3

full info :


New Version is out : V 0.2


check it out :


Hey all ,

i made a quick hook for getting wysiwyg editor to PunBB using TinyMCE 3.3.8

(i used TinyMCE Jquery plugin)

tested on PunBB 1.3.4
download link - its the old version - you dont need that

to control textarea css just edit : forums_root/extensions/punbb_wysiwyg/editor.css

you can edit editor style according to tinyMCE api (skin or what ever you want)
also , you can use TinyMCE multi-lang support from their site.

at next version i will add few more options like simles support , etc.
enjoy  big_smile


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during the changes i applied my own theme , i will make the changes to deafult theme , clean the css code and i will send it to you for testing , will you use it at downloads center ?

about language pack , i havn't finished to translate it yet . i will send you a link when im done  big_smile


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KeyDog wrote:

Glad to hear it.

PS: check with guy who wrote this post about RTL

i have checked this post out , but he didn't realsed anything related to rtl ,
as i said , tabuler data should stay in tables , everything else should be in div's

also for css hacking its much more simple , thats why i ended up with rewrite forum files
i have tried to hack the css for 5 hours ( and i know css very well) i ended up with tables , took me about 1 hour for entire forums , include the css related to tables smile


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i must say , great job to all of punbb developers

i needed simple & strong php forums for integration with my users system
and its works great , very simple code on all parts , and sef urls are great.

once i will understand how to create hooks , i will make tinymce integration for every1 around.

few notes :

tabular data should stay in tables , making the forums "div" based is very bad idea , im tring to adjust the forums
to support rtl , i finnaly end up with changing all forums files to tables , kind of sucks sad

also im translating the forums to hebrew , when im done , where do i need to post the files for other uses ?

great froums (i tested all others ,phpbb,smd..etc allmost bought VB but PunBB is much better)

here is a furture notice , keep it simple and do NOT add calander / help or any of this carp.

at http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/who_uses_punbb you should add forums.developer.facebook.com
thanks to them i tried punbb.

thanks and sorry for my bad english  smile