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Oh no's my beautful refrence to the da vinci code and others by DB wink



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What about 8) ?


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FF can remember passwords for you, has been a default feature since I started using it some time ago.


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Rickard wrote:

Sure, but first, why can't you use IBAN?

Looks like I need the SWIFT number for the bank, the IBAN is just for the account according to my bank. But lets give it a try anyway :)

Cool. Can you give me the name of your bank so I can try to find the SWIFT number at my side ?
Almost forgot, it seems that the reciever of payment has to pay some fee.
I'm currently checking what I will have to pay and you should maybe contact your bank and try to find out what they will charge you.

Any luck on the SWIFT issue or will I be using the good ol' post for payment smile


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Sverrir Gunnlaugsson
Reykjavik and occationaly Keflavik, Iceland
Computer, R/C model airplanes, flying
Computer Science study, almost over wink
freelance web programing and designing


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Ohhh, you ppl don't go out very often do you wink

Blogger was relaunched on Sunday with a new and improved look and feel.
The templates are all new and done by some of the biggest name in the xhtml + css business brought together by Douglas Bowman of StopDesign.

Dan Cederholm
Todd Dominey
Dan Rubin
Dave Shea
Jeffrey Zeldman

An excellent "summary" can be seen here

As to why the html work is done on blogger server...
That is the practical solution, all is done from a centralized location, almost no setup required on your part on your website, you just supply the ftp user/pass combo and blogger takes care of the rest.

Among other things one of the new stuff they introduced is the ability to blog through email, not a new concept but a new one at blogger, the subject line becomes the blog topic and the body becomes the blog.

I have a personal blog but as it's in Icelandic I doubt you'll enjoy it much smile
You can take a look at a overview picture of my BSc project that I'm doing for Icelandic Telecom.

As I'm spending to much time doing websites the main blog pages I read are from the guys I mentioned earlier in connection with the blogger redesign.

Other frequently viewed are

I'm not up early, I'm up late printing out these fun reports I've been doing over the last months, about 500 pages in all big_smile

Perfect place for the blink tag roll wink

The red cross in IE is inserted by the browser and there is nothing you can do in html to change that. I don't know how mozilla handles this but in my Firefox if the image is not found the alt text is displayed instead. Maybe that is the case with Mozilla(as Firefox is based on it) and if you have no alt text I could imagine that nothing would show up.

I have not tried this to confirm it but you should check this out.

Hehe, no problem I've been buried under my tasks a few times wink

Thanks smile

Thanks, otherwise I'll just have to sign up with paypal or use the snailmail option smile

What will be the prefered method of payment?
Could I pay electronicly ( SWIFT - IBAN ) ?


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I would say spanish from the few words I know.

The reason you don't see this icon's when you are not logged in is basicly because the server has no way of knowing if you have seen the post before or not.
You could implement that with a coockie, but why waste valuable server resource on that when you can be doing something else for your logged in users.