hi demex

thanks for the adv.
i have changed the code and tried to post a new reply / thread but what i am seeing here is the button "i want to download images" but when i click on it... nothing happens as well..

Would that be possible to try it from ur end (localhost) ?

demex wrote:

I think in iu_admin.php is missed this line:

'iu_max_file_age'        => $form['iu_max_file_age'],

hmm u mean my issue is due to this missing / replacement code ?
i found 9 with similar code
which one should i change ?

hi i have install the jquery but i am unable to click on the button as well
:i want to download the images:

any idea whats wrong with my installation ?




Recently i have been approached by one of my forum's member and she said she is having some difficulties in registering there.
upon guiding her on the registration process, found out she is stuck here with the error "Confirm Action"
I remember i used to have this problem when i left the browser / the page ideal for certain of moment and all i need to do is to click on "confirm" button and the post will be posted anyway. but in her case, nope, it is not.

When i asked her to click on "confirm" the page just refreshed itself at the very same page.
I have tried to test it from my end with

- new registration and found no problem
- other members dont have such problem too
- cleared cache, cookies <from her side>
- tried different browser <from her side>
- even tested with iphone, netbook, notebook <from her side>
- tried different range of email addresses (domain name)
- ip address / username  is not been blocked / banlisted.

In such case, if there is any other way we can fix this issue or is it a well known bug ?
Please assists

thank you



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hi.. added the ext. with such code in manifest.xml

    **ADDED     <dependencies>
        **ADDED     <dependency>jquery<dependency>
        **ADDED     </dependencies>

        **CHANGED <minversion>1.3dev</minversion> ----- > <minversion>1.3</minversion>

It is being installed now, but when i tried to use this with this ext.. it is not working / showing anything..
is it because of the error changes that i made or it is the ext itself where i should check with the developer ?



it states there

Required: JQuery, pun_bbcode

so is it the one on JQuery we are talking about ?


once i downloaded the content.. where should i put it ?


based on subject above, is there any release for admin / user to include photos / image as for the topic title ?
something similar to this ?


I am thinking if this can be done, it should be able to grab the images to facebook account (http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ke-button/) as well ?



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it is done...

i thought the administrator panel will syn all the user as well ?
so i might need to get the user to change the time manually in this case then

thanks again


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i  have installed the punbb 1.3.4 and just realised the time zone has some issue with it
It is GMT + 8 in my area here and i have set it  +8 UTC in


But somehow, the time is still showing "Today 04:24:41" whenever i try to post a new comment in thread whereby the actual time now is 12:51 here

Is this a bug ?

**current time for my linux server : Current Time: Wed Nov 10 12:33:50 2010


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Slavok wrote:

No, there is no such extension. But it is not hard to create such script: it should periodically get contents of an rss feed and add the latest record to the DB by means of the "add_topic" function.
We can help you with this script, if needed.

hmm would that be possible that it would be free extension ? kinda looking for some link between puinbb with my wordpress.. so that all content from my wp can be updated to punbb at the same time too


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found this

http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/ … t_10_posts

but not sure still on what or how to add it in ..
pls help


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can we add something in header.php and show in separate box in main page on the latest comment / new post posted inside it ?
how would we do that ?


just want to know if there is any extension / script to auto post new thread in punbb ? or maybe post from rss feed ?

hi, is it possible to make it like.. i need user to reply something on the post then only they are able to read it ?


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ahh sorry.. my initial question was meant for KANekT on his extension.
i am looking for extension to hide or protect some certain text from being revealed until there is a reply from user.
benefit if you are asking me the hide certain content... i would prefer some involvement from members instead of them passing-by and grab those information or maybe a word "thanks" wound be sufficient as for appreciation to the writer / contributor



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is it possible to use it for like hiding a certain of sentence unless there is a reply from the user ?


tried to do some searching but unable to find such extension. Would that be possible to have an extension whereby it will hide certain part of the content unless user replies something in the thread ?

many thanks