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What about a feature showing your current amount of pm/ and the max pm you cann have in your inbox, outbox?

ok, that works!

So i set the defaults, deleted my pic and logged out, cleared my cookies/cache junt in case,
loggin, set the max dim., and tried uploading again.....oddly enough it works now...?

My first problem is, if I were to set my max avatar's dimensions to 130x130,
Punbb won't let me upload a 120x100 picture.

Second, when I actually try to change my avatar, I delete the old one and choose to upload a new one. But the old avatar just returns!


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oh, okay. so what if I want to change the "New Messages" text, how would I do that?


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I have the same problem at some point too, sine i have a screen resolution of 1024x600 >.<

i can't manage to figure out how to do that o_o;


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I'm noticing this, punpm always says "New Messages" even though i have no messages...


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Oh cool, why did'nt i see that before? thanks

Like the topic says, mod for (New Posts) to show a picture instead of regular text...

Plus, an option to switch between the two "text" or "picture"
and be able to edit the "(New Posts)" text?


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Is it possible to split the contents of "Who is Online" to two separate boxes?

A "Login" box shows when guests login and after they do, the box now shows the users username, avatar, amount of posts, notification if there's a new pm, and a link to the users profile.

And a second box just being a "Who is Online" box....


Be able to leave comments and messages in users profile! Also notified when user has a new Visitor Msg/Comment in his/her profile! big_smile

I think I fixed the problem,

I edited the manifest.xml file and change a line:




but it seems to be working fine now... big_smile

though there's only one jquery I think...


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I don't really like just the date showing, it needs the topic too!


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My opinion, PunBB is the best...

I can start out with "just a forum" and a nice simple layout. I can choose what and install features I want for my forum and have only those features I use. Everything is minimum
and just simply awesome.

Right phpbb, invision, etc. has those heavily customized and graphical stuff but there's just so much. Of all the mods they have, you might not even use three-fourths of it!

PunBB is awesome!

So if there's two jQuery's, I tried looking for another jquery plug-in...
and all I could find is this one:
http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … n-slimbox/

And that's the one I have installed at the moment. I also tried reinstalling jquery and try installing the extention again but still have the same message appearing...

What specific jquery does it need?

I have punpm and jquery installed and when i try to install
the extention, it keeps giving me this message:
"This extension cannot be installed unless "jquery" is installed and enabled"

and "jquery" is installed and enabled....


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I was just going to post something like that,

"Show the description after topic" has the same effect as "Show the description when a user mouseover the topic link"


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oh wait i got it, there was some kind of error so the skin would'nt show...
never mind big_smile


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Where can I get the latest version of the punbb default blue skin, like this forum currently has?