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which file defines the display of user informations?

i want to display the post count but dont want to display location, register date, e-mail and this online/offline-status.

is this defined in the style files or in some basic php files?

Nonante wrote:

I just watched the copper style on the wiki: … Copper.css
Have you changed/looked these lines in your copper.css ?

615    #brd-title {
616        padding-bottom: 0;
617        }
619    #brd-title a, #brd-title strong {
620        font-size: 1.5em;
621        text-decoration: none;
622        font-weight: normal;
623        }
625    #brd-desc {
626        font-size: 1.084em;
627        padding-top: 0;
628        padding-bottom: 0;
629        }

I commented out these lines but the text was still there.


I started modifying the Copper style and there is a problem:

as you can see there is text above my header.

I want to remove "Board title" and "Board description" and want to move down "Logged in as..." and "New posts Active topics Unanswered topics".

I already searched and modified copper.css and copper_cs.css for hours but nothing really works  sad