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I'm back from a while now and seems that 1.3 still not there. In the meantime I did quite a lot of tests to migrate from PunBB to SMF Forum using the converter provided by SMF, results are pretty good, migration is a one step process and does not required hard work to finalize.
A possible way for those interested in new features wink


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I work for a software editor so I have a good idea of what a roadmap means ... but even not a rough idea about 1.3 is hard to believe, no ?


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As far as I understand, extensions could answer my needs, so that's a possible way. I have no doubt that there will be extensions related to what I need.
Now, back to the original question, and I apologize for that, but what about the roadmap ?
In other words, shall I have to start thinking using mods if extensions come soon with 1.3 or will this release come only next year or worse ?


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Thanks for your answers. MP was PM, sorry about that (my french speaking language ...) wink

Well, that's not good news, it means that none of the features I am waiting for won't happen.
For my understanding, based on your experience, are they commonly requested, or I am asking for 'gadgets' ??

From what I understand, 1.3 will be some kind of maintenance release ?


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it's true, there are mods, but this is core code modifying most of the time with no warranty that next release or sub-release will support them. At least that's my understanding.

@Smartys, they (and I !!) would like to have among these:
- MP
- possibility to add a reputation in the leftbar user profile (different from ranking which is based on post number)
- RSS out of posts and/or forums
- add images to posts (stored on the punbb server, not external url
- Search Engine Friendly URLs, I tried to play with the mod found somewhere on this forum but this was not a real success
- use of the fulltext search from mySQL instead of the native index engine from punbb which works but takes a very large place in the DB (I'm closed to 100.000 posts with more or less 100 Mb in my DB, using fulltext search reduces a lot this size). About this, I currently use a mod but again a core integration would facilitate any upgrade

Why I love Punbb ? Because it is reliable, easy to use, has a low requirement among the DB server and a high level of performance. This is mostly why I don't want to move to Phpbb forum, but I must admit that it is attractive on the pure functional side. And I am pretty sure that you  guys are able to provide even better.

Thanks for listening wink


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First of all, It's not my intention to blame anybody here at the development level.

I have heard about a possible 1.3 release from quite a long time now. When I read that forum, I cannot see any official update on this release.
I know that "it will come one of those days", "don't ask for it, it will not update the process", "we are not able to say anything" and some others.
But as an end user, I must listen to my final users asking for new functionalities and I have to plan this. So if I could get any official information about Punbb down here, I would be able to decide whether I have to wait for this new release or move to a different forum. This would be a pain for me as Punbb is this kind of script I enjoy but "competition" is hard by now and I cannot have my users being disappointed without being able myself to communicate with them.

So, would it be possible to get any roadmap (let's talk in quarters, if not in days) with planned addons, rejected ones, and "on the waiting list" ones.

Again, I am not saying that this has to be published whatever happens, I just say that it would be fair to keed people informed and to give them the possibility to take actions, or not.

Thanks for your understanding.

Some feedback as it could help later on ...
I finally solved my problem by :
- switching to fulltext mod (this disable the native search and you don't need the original search_xx tables
- upgraded my DB server to MySQL5 instead of MySQL 4.0.xx, my provider allows to upgrade by switchingthe server
- I had to export the DB with mysqldumper to get file size below the 2 Mb limit of phpmyadmin and import it with phpmyadmin specifying file character set 'latin1'
- then switching the DB server config in config.php
that's  it and I have now a DB size of 39 Mb instead of 70 Mb wink

Thanks for your help !!

Hummm, my apologizes for not having read until the end ...
Anyway, thanks again for your help smile

Thanks for this answer.
To remove the index tables, do I have to modify any line of code as if I don't I presume that Pun will try to update the tables as it does not know that I use a different search method (only search.php is modified with the mod) ?? Is my comprehension true ? Or shall I have to empty the tables and that's it ? Or to dump them and delete them ?

I will use the DEBUG mode, you are right smile and post feedback here.

Thanks again

Hello there,
first let me say that I am almost a newbee with MySQL stuff but I try to optimize my forum performances from a few days as they went down recently.
I run the latest release of Pun with  2180 users, 3709 topics and 45178 posts (as of today), provider is 1and1.fr
I have a slow "first page load" response time and in general the forum response time is poor so and am trying to check with the provider if this can come from their SQL server or not. If not, could it be on my side as the DB is already some 70 Mb large ?

I installed the MySQL fulltext search mod yesterday night to try to unload the server from the original search capability and I have now a question (remember I am a newbee on the sql side !!) :
if using this mod, shall I still need to use the pun_search_xxxx tables ? If no, I could then remove the original search index tables to lower the DB size ?

If the DB index is too large (as mine), could it be any influence on the index page load time ?

In general, what could be done to improve performance knowing that I cannot manage the server myself ? (just as an info, I read the all forum yesterday and picked up a few things, I also rebuilt the search index)

Thanks for your responses


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Hi there,
Waking up an old post, any idea on how to modify the 1.2.10 code to allow more characters to the post title ?

Not silly, just to be on the safe side when upgrading with new releases wink

Hello All,
Using Punbb for a few months already, I would like to know if there is any chance to get a configuration option allowing me to place the topic subject at the first position in the page title instead of the forum name.
The idea is to give search engines a better description of what the page content is, instead of sending always the board title first and then the topic desctription. It makes a difference in Google where only the first characters are displayed in a result page and, if the board title is long, there is no place for displaying the topic subject which is what people are searching for, at least I guess.

I modified the code in the viewforum.php and viewtopic.php pages to invert the two varaibles doing this (see http://forum.nikonpassion.com) but I do care about code modification, so it would be great to have a config option to do so.
Is that clear ?