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This is from PunBB 1.1.5 install.php

case 'mysql':
     $sql = 'CREATE TABLE '.$db_prefix."search_results (
          id INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
          ident VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
          search_data TEXT NOT NULL,
          PRIMARY KEY (id)
          ) TYPE=MyISAM;";

I cannot figure out where the

$db->query('ALTER TABLE '.$db->prefix.'search_cache DROP INDEX '.$db_prefix.'search_results_ident_idx') or error('Unable to alter DB structure.', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

is coming from in the upgrade php file, and is stopping the upgrade in its tracks.

PLEASE, somebody help me to resolve these issues. Thank you.


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I managed to find and download a copy of 1.2.

My first need is to convert from PunBB 1.1.5 to PunBB 1.2.

In the 11_to_12_conerter php file is the following

$db->query('ALTER TABLE '.$db->prefix.'search_results RENAME '.$db->prefix.'search_cache') or error('Unable to alter DB structure.', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());
$db->query('ALTER TABLE '.$db->prefix.'search_cache DROP INDEX '.$db_prefix.'search_results_ident_idx') or error('Unable to alter DB structure.', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());
$db->query('ALTER TABLE '.$db->prefix.'search_cache ADD INDEX '.$db->prefix.'search_cache_ident_idx(ident(8))') or error('Unable to alter DB structure.', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

It fails at

('ALTER TABLE '.$db->prefix.'search_cache DROP INDEX '.$db_prefix.'search_results_ident_idx')

In my existing database there is a column called search_results_ident but none called  search_results_ident_idx.

I don't know enough about coding to understand whether it is looking for a column called search_results_ident_idx or if the _idx extension means something else.

If it is looking for this name should I just rename the column in my database to suit or modify the converter php file to remove the _idx extension?


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Trace wrote:

Downloaded succesfully, I don't know why it shouldn't work for you.

Well, believe me it didn't. Nor did it this time, still an invalid archive.

I finally downloaded it in a different format but, according to the update file included in the folder, 1.2.23 will only update from 1.2 onwards (not from 1.1.5).

This is why I asked if 1.2.23 would work in a previous post.

I will attempt to acquire 1.2 and see if that will update from 1.1.5.


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Trace wrote:

Download again, it might discontinued.

I have now downloaded several times but still get the same error. I have downloaded different formats, but all the same.

Is it possible for someone to attach a working zip file for 1.2 here so that I can retrieve it?


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Thank you, but all I can see available for download on the site is version 1.2.23.

Will this work and will I be able to transfer attachments?

Edit: Also when I download this it says it is a corrupted zip file!

I am running an established forum (since 2003) on PunBB 1.1.5 (Hugely embarrassed!)

Yes, I know it's ancient, but it has 3846 registered users, 10973 topics and 75128 posts.

I can't remember now why it was never upgraded, I think it may have been something to do with attachments in posts.

Is there ANY WAY that I can bring my forum up to date, even if I have to do it in stages? Perhaps someone has something archived away?

I have considered installing the latest version from scratch but there is just too much information to lose if I ditch the version I have.

Any assistance / guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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Since the clocks went back at the weekend users on my site are commenting that the time displayed on new posts is an hour behind.
How do I overcome / rectify this?

Strofanto wrote:

Tell the admin to install an antibot script in the register.php script.

How would you go about doing something like this? What would the code be?

I think it would be worthwhile on most sites as spamming is on the increase.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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SQUEE wrote:

MY FORUM IS NOT WORKING!!!!  I CANT ENTER (well... none of my users can -__- )


Powered by phpBB © 2001, 2002 phpBB Group ???


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Goober wrote:

I wonder why that could be. For me, it shows up fine in Firefox, IE, and Netscape. Any suggestions for fixing this?

I've just tried it again. No images. I'm using IE6. Anyone else get this problem or is it something I have set up (although I don;t have a problem seeing images on any other site)?.


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Nice layout but none of your images show up.


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Thank you.
Do I just add that line anywhere in mysite_cs.css?

Just answered my own question. Thanks again, it works fine.

I've set the following to give a text colour to match my site
.pun {COLOR: #000066}
.pun LEGEND {COLOR: #000066}

Could anyone tell me what I need to change so that the text input into forms is this colour (currently displays black as default).
Apologies in advance if I've missed the obvious but I've looked through the css files and can't figure it out.

I'm running 1.1.5
I know I should update and I sure want to update but there are a couple of mods installed which are absolutely neccessary for my site and, I must admit, I've been struggling getting to grips with updates while retaining installed mods.
One of these is the Attachment mod.
I've set up a couple of test forums using punbb upgrades and Attachment mod upgrades while I tried to sort things out. Problem is this:
I can delete all files from the test forums except attachment directories which are;
depending on which version I had installed. I am unable to chmod to enable me to delete these (can chmod any other file but not these).
PLEASE can anyone tell me how I can get rid of these files


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Check out the third screenshot - getting ready for selling the product?



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OK, works fine now.
I hadn't installed reputation mod as I did not want it but I see it can be disabled from within options.

Nice. Must have taken you ages. Need to see 1.3 first though before opting for this.


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Tried it as a test forum. I get error message Unable to fetch posts.


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Thanks. Forgot to mention I'm running an earlier version but your reply showed me what to change.

Thanks for swift reply.


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Could anyone tell me if it is possible to modify search.php so that it will use the AND separator by default. If so what would I need to change?

Thanks in advance for any response.


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I've just noticed that a search on Google (and possibly other search engines) for a particular Company lists the forum profile page of a user associated with that Company. As this is a link I would not wish to be displayed I would be grateful if anyone could tell me how to avoid this (and other users' profiles) being included in searches.

Thanks in advance.


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chris9902 wrote:

and it is the best script i have ever used.

Then why remove the copyright?


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Someone posted a link to a url on my site but it does not recognise the parentheses ( ) as shown here:


Any ideas why?

Nice Site. Nice Layout.

Guess you're hoping the forum passes off as your own work by removing all references and copyrights to PunBB?

Great plugin.
I tried sending html mail but it won't work. Could this be a posssible option for the future?


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Now and again I have a user with problems logging in and usually deleting cookies on their PC solves the problem.

I've come across this script which I would like to add to my site but I'm not sure if it needs modding to work with my forum cookies. I'm using PunBB 1.1.5

If you are certain you're using the correct username and password, but you are having problems logging in, you might try deleting the cookies for this domain:<br><a href="javascript:d=new Date();var ck = document.cookie.split(';');for(var i in ck) {document.cookie=ck[i].split('=')[0] + '=;EXPIRES=' + d.toUTCString();};location.href=document.URL;">Delete cookies</a>