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Rickard wrote:

That number is the number of seconds that have passed since 1970-01-01 00:00.

That's what I needed. I want to be able to calculate a specific time on a date rather than just the date.

Thanks to both Rickard and Connorhd.


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If I look at a particular post in my database the time and date is recorded as (for example) 1105109247.

By how much per 24 hour period does this increase?

I need to know this for another feature on my site.


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Thanks Paul
I've got rid of the worm now!


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Rickard wrote:

JohnS: Look at the bottom of this FAQ entry: http://punbb.org/docs/faq.html#faq2_1

Thanks Rickard

I've done that and all seems to be fine now.
Only thing now is, that for the short time I disabled NIS, eversince I get repeated warnings that defragfatx.exe is trying to access the internet.. but that's another problem.

BTW Rickard (off topic)
When are you going to stop teasing us and upload your news script?

OK just saw your post and downloaded.


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Paul wrote:

If it was the typical NIS problem then wouldn't it actually prevent logging in rather than just making the redirct fail. It's always worth disabling NIS for a moment just to find out

I've just disabled NIS and it allowed me to log in and then redirected me to the page I was viewing (as it should).

So, that's obviously the reason but I'm not sure I would want NIS disabled all the time. I'm sure if I dig around in NIS settings/options there is a way to overcome this but, if someone else visited the site and was not aware of what should happen they would assume that being redirected to the index page was the norm.

Were you serious?


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I don't think so.
The reason I say this is if I log in on my own site it redirects me to whatever page I was viewing before logging in, but when I try the same on PunBB it always redirects me to the forum index (my site is running 1.1.5).

I have Norton IS installed but if this was causing the problem would it not do it on my site also?


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Not sure if this is a bug. Feel free to move or delete if necessary.

If I browse your forum while not logged in and come accross something I want to post to I select login but am then redirected to the forum index page and not back to the page I was viewing.
I thought that in 1.1.* this was the case, though I may be mistaken.


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I am really struggling with this so I'll take it in stages.
Please don't answer assuming that I know certain things cos I'm in the dark over this.

The only way I can test things at the moment is to upload to my site and then view.
I'm told I need to install a web server to be able to test php stuff on my pc before uploading.
I'm on Win2000 so I've installed IIS which comes with it. I use Dreamweaver MX2004 but when I try to test a page I just get error messages.

Before I ask specific questions can someone just tell me is IIS the correct package for php files?


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Rickard please put us out of our misery. I keep checking every half hour - my family are telling me to 'get a life'!

Frank H wrote:

I do have plans on updating the mod to support files to be saved on disk and thus only use the database for reference and file info.

Pls remember to bear this in mind for 1.2. Backups become huge without it.
Can't wait for 1.2. I use this mod all the time. Great stuff!


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When I change visual style under Profiles-Display on this site I get a Runtime Error

Line: 51
Error: Object expected

Any ideas why?


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Could anyone tell me what I need to change so that when I delete a post or topic the total count displayed in the footer is not reduced (i.e. so that it still reflects the total posts made so far).

Obviously, I still want the count to increment when new posts are added.


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I have a file inserted in a web page so that a visitor can click on it and 'saveas' to their HD.
Problem: the file has an extension .iez (used by an external application CadDuct) but is recognised by windows as a zip file and the extension .zip is added when it is downloaded, and the file becomes myfile.iez.zip
Is there something I can add to the <a href> tag that would set the mimetype and stop windows from doing this?

I'll try it tonight when I get home from work.

One other thing, Gizzmo.
I have a forum which is limited to Admin & Moderators only. Trouble is, if I post to this forum it shows up in the Calendar (along with a brief extract) and can be seen by anyone.
OK, if you click on the link you get an error message and cannot view the post in full (unless, of course, you're logged in as Admin or Moderator) but the fact that the extract can be seen by anyone is not so good. Those first few words could be the all important ones that you don't want others to see.

Is there a way that if a topic or post is made to a forum which is limited to Admin and Moderators then it wont show in the Calendar unless you're logged in with the appropriate rights?

Don't give up. I know this has been frustrating but IMO it's one of the most useful mods we've seen. Well done...

Gizzmo wrote:

New releace, the change day problem is fixed, "calendar.php", "*_posts.php" "*_topics.php" and "*_footer.php" make into one file.

It doesn't work. When you click on last day it also goes back a month!

I've noticed in your new code you've changed all monthno to month - is this correct?

Also, I keep changing your 'punplane' to 'punplain' as per punBB

Gizzmo wrote:

for the second page problem the link to the second page doesnt have 'monthno', it has 'month', change that and it should work fine

That worked fine thanks

Gizzmo wrote:

i am still workin on the bug about the navigation, and the time zone, thoes are kinda hard to get workin right.

Look forward to your solutions

A couple of minor bugs to report, Gizzmo

If you look at this page with 26 posts and then click on the link at the bottom for the 2nd page it takes you to the next month and not the continuation of posts for that day!

http://www.xtracad.com/forum/calendar_p … amp;day=15

Also, if you use the navigation for Last Day (I've changed it to read Previous Day) and you are on the 1st day of a month it takes you to the last day of that same month rather than the last day of the previous month.

Brilliant. It works fine now.


btw: what did you change? what was causing the problem?

Gizzmo wrote:

did you reupload all the files, cuz i looked at your site and calendar_topic.php & calendar_posts.php dont exist, but calendar_view.php does.

Yes I did but then I reinstalled 0.7 cos of the problem.
I've installed 1.0 again now, but still get this error. Have another look.

From calendar.php the links to topics work OK but the links to posts fail. Why should this be?


I've installed version 1.0
All works fine until I click on the Posts for any day displayed and I get the following error message

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to fetch topic list for forum.

Any ideas?

cuteseal wrote:

I've uploaded some diff files and the changed files if you want them:

the diff file refers to calendar_header.php but the file included is calendar_view.php

Gizzmo wrote:

i cant find that redundant " that shouldnt be

It's the last " in the following line in calendar_view.php

<tr class="punhead"><td class="punheadcent" ><?echo$lang_calendar['Viewing_Topics']." ".$monthtext." ".$dayfull." ".$year?>"</td></td></tr>

If you click on a topic in the calendar you'll then see that it shows after the heading Viewing Topics Made.. etc.

Anyone who was determined.
I would consider any file below htdocs to be accessible to someone who was intent on getting info.

Just a couple of minor things Gizzmo.

In calendar_view.php there is a set of redundant " which show up after the statement Viewing Topic.. etc.

Also Navigation is spelt wrong (you have it as Navagition) this also needs to be changed in the en_calendar.php file.

Otherwise a brilliant mod. I take my hat off to you.

The way I got round things was to rename my config.php as forum_config.php and stick it in my cgi-bin.
Then I just modified config.php in my forum root directory to include this file.
I've done this with all my config files for different apps and it keeps passwords, etc. away from prying eyes.