Gizzmo wrote:

new version out, its got the timezone difference problem

Not sure what you mean by this.. Do you mean it still has the timezone difference problem or has it been fixed in release 0.7?

BTW: Great mod.. keep up the good work.

cuteseal wrote:

Did you include the timezone fix as well?

I managed to do it on the 0.5 code:

I've downloaded and am running 0.6 but am having problems as posts made today are showing as yesterday (obviously my server timezone)
I would like to use your code but have no idea how to do it. Is this new code that you add or do you mod existing code? Also, which files do we change?

Would it be possible to post the relevant files (version 0.6) with your code added so I could use them, or explain what I need to do to change them?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That's correct.
There is a valid reason which would take too long to explain.
It's only something I want to do temporarily.

Is there an easy way that I could mod some code so that when I log in as Admin it doesn't show Admin as logged in as a registered user?
Which file would it be and what would I need to change?


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I used to use it quite often. If I was unable to answer the post myself I would contact the relevant moderator (or a member who I thought could help) and ask them to answer it.
I think it makes users happier (and more likely to remain active) if they feel they are not being ignored - particularly if they are a new user.

It's fine by me whatever you do - I cannot fault PunBB - but maybe this option could be left where it is only visible when logged in as admin or moderator?

This runs Outlook Express

#include <shlobj.h>

#include <shlwapi.h>

void Test()



ShExecInfo.cbSize = sizeof(SHELLEXECUTEINFO);

ShExecInfo.fMask = NULL;

ShExecInfo.hwnd = NULL;

ShExecInfo.lpVerb = NULL;

ShExecInfo.lpFile = "msimn.exe";

ShExecInfo.lpParameters = NULL;

ShExecInfo.lpDirectory = NULL;

ShExecInfo.nShow = SW_MAXIMIZE;

ShExecInfo.hInstApp = NULL;



I suspect you dont really want to do that, What happens if the user does not
have Outlook Express, you should really run the application that is
registered with emails.

Frank H wrote:

I do have plans on updating the mod to support files to be saved on disk and thus only use the database for reference and file info. But I'm too occupied atm to think on it ...

I know you've been very busy but was wondering if you could just give me some guidance as to how this could be done (maybe I could modify or add some code if you told me how to do it) as my daily backups are getting bigger and bigger and...

Any hel appreciated...


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Here's mine...

This forum has 127 registered users, 114 topics and 478 posts.
Most users online 5 (21-June-2004 16:24:07).

Rows: 17439
Size: 2.45 MB

I have a problem where users post to an existing topic when their post justifies the creation of a new topic.
Is there a way to create a new topic heading without having to submit a posting and then move individual existing postings to it?

Login as administrator (or moderator) and click on the topic you want to move.
In the footer section (where the copyright info, etc. is) you'll see links for close topic, move topic, etc..


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I just tried your link and all I got was a page full of code..

I've been using the post enhance mod successfully and recently upgraded punbb tp 1.1.4.
Now, when posting a reply, when I click on a smiley the characters appear right at the top of the web page and not in the message box.
The only changes this mod requires to punbb is two additions to post.php to include post_smile.php and post_bb.php. I've checked and these entries are there in the correct places.
Any ideas why this is happening? Is anyone else using this mod with 1.1.4.?

Maciek wrote:

Ah.. well this is a simple mod i know..
But i think some PunBB users going to use it.

I can't open this file for some reason. Could somebody post it as a zip file?

I achieved the same simply by adding the class "punhead" which then keeps it in line with the rest of the forum (no need to specify a colour as this is already done)

<td class="punhead"><?php echo $lang_common['Pages'].': '.$pages ?></td>

Thanks Conny. That's exactly what I wanted.
I like the way you have allowed the 'option' to include guests in your readme file as some people may prefer it to show only users.

ConnyT wrote:

Feel free to try my "mod".

You'll find it at

I'm using this and like it a lot, but I want it to show 'most visitors' online, that is number of users plus number of guests.
How can I mod the code to show this?
Thanks for any help you can offer..


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Well done, Rickard. Impressive figures (and deserved for all your hard work).
Since adding PunBB it has improved my site tremendously and become the most active feature of the site.

Has anybody else noticed this on their site?
Ever since I included a posting on PunBB which referred to my site, my ranking on search engines increased dramatically. Add to this the fact that PunBB is a valuable source of info and help and you win all ways by joining this great forum!

Yeah.. As I said above, just open install_mod.php and change the value in the array to 1.1.2 and it will work fine.

I've modified my installation slightly so that only admin and moderators see the 'Detailed List' link so only they can view what members are doing. This was just a personal preference because I didn't want normal users to think that all their activities were being monitored.

I'm using the attachment mod with great success. I have just one problem (my problem, not yours, but you may be able to help).

I run a backup utility each night but, because more attachments are being added (which are still relevant so I can't delete any of them yet) the backups are becoming very large and take a long time to download.

I have spare databases on my server and would like the attachments to go to one of these. That way I could backup the database with all the rest of the forum stuff and not worry about the attachments.
Problem is, each database has a different name and password so the forum config file would only do for the rest of the forum tables. I'd need somehow to call a second config file which included the name, password, etc. of another database and also be able to direct attachments to be saved there.

I'm not a programmer so am merely looking for some guidance as to whether this is possible and, if so, how difficult it would be.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

It's OK. Works fine now (forgot to upload revised header.php).

I'm running PunBB 1.1.2 and I took a chance on installing this mod (I just changed the array to 1.1.2 in install_mod.php)
It loaded OK but doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?


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Rickard wrote:

I've deleted a few...

163 to be exact - you couldn't lend me a FEW dollars, could you Rickard?

BTW: can you amend your redirection page so it's the same width as the rest of the site? I did it on mine and it looks much better. It's just something that bugs me every time..


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So why does the footer show 837 registered users?

Sorted. My error. My apologies (I'm sure you can do more with your time than try to solve non-existant problems).

For some reason, when I was updating to PunBB 1.1.2 I overwrote a change I had made earlier...

#---------[ 23. FIND (line: 300) ]--------------------------------------------

<form method="post" action="edit.php?id=<?php echo $id ?>&action=edit" id="edit" onsubmit="return process_form(this)">

#---------[ 24. REPLACE WITH ]------------------------------------------------

<form method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" action="edit.php?id=<?php echo $id ?>&action=edit" id="edit" onsubmit="return process_form(this)">

and set it back to its original (without the enctype)...

I've updated it now and everything works fine. It just emphasises, though, how careful you need to be when installing mods (especially more than one)

I am running PunBB Version 1.1.2 with Attachment and PunPoll mods installed.