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are you developing punbb 2 atm?
can you give us an approximation for the release month?

i'm new. thx for the forum and all the time you spend.  wink

I'm trying to integrate the forum into my website atm.
i already inetegrated the login into my website's menu successfully.
But somehow fail with the templates when i try to integrate the topicsection into my website's content, in the way that 1. all links are wrong, because they'll send you to a maximized vrsion of the forum and NOT to the one embeded by include and 2. it will either not load the css or break down and cut off all html code.

My question:
How can i intgeratehttp://i54.tinypic.com/2mmxngk.png part of the forum into my website's content, where i use PHP's include command?