I have 1.3.4. I will check out if this problem persists after an update to 1.3.5.


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Real Name required, please. Thank you!

I would need an extension for the userlist: The place where users come from should be listed there - with a sorting function.


reinstalles version 1.1.6 and tried the update again. Now i can make changes in the acp but upload still does not work - error in lib.min.js.


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Yes. Backup your files with ftp.

You are right: The pun_attachment produces this problem. But only in "post reply" and not in "quick reply".

I made an update to the new release of hcs image uploader in my testforum. Since then upload does not work any more, only a spinning wheel is shown that does not stop. (ie and ff)
IE reports an error:
Zeile: 18
Zeichen: 947
Code: 0
URI: .../extensions/jquery/j/lib.min.js

In the acp the "storage time" always is "0" and any changes will not be saved.


Any idea how to fix this?

Since nobody seems to do anything on this script any more, ist there an alternative script around?

Seems to be a bug. If i set redirection-time to a number bigger than 0, redirection to the last post will work as it should.
But if i set redirection-time to 0, the "#p..." is missing in the redirection link.


I noticed now, that the redirection link looks like this: http://www.drechslerforum.at/viewtopic.php?pid=209
But it should look like this: http://www.drechslerforum.at/viewtopic.php?pid=209#p209


Yes, ist there something wrong with my installation?

Something I do not like in punbb: After sending a post i am redirected to the first post of the thread.  Instead i would like to be redirected to the last post.

My users sometimes have trouble with this script: Uploaded images sometimes stay in the temporary folder (...uploads/users/.../.../tmp/...), where they disappear after some minutes.
Why does this happen?

In the upload.php there is a time-limit (set to 5 minutes) for the execution time. Could this be the cause or ist this only the upload-time limit?

    // 5 minutes execution time
    @set_time_limit(5 * 60);
    // usleep(5000);

I would prefer if the uploaded images would not be saved in a temporary folder where they disappear after some time. Uploaded images shold be saved only in the target folder. How can i change this?