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Is anyone else interested in getting PunBB hosting? I already had one person who requested it and they got it. smile


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And to add to that, no you do not have to pay anything, it is a voluntery project.


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@ Vector 3.NET we are currently getting users who want to have a punBB forum hosted without the hassle of setting up. We offer you a subdomain for example http://test.vector3.net and so on depending on the name you would like. Before doing so, you will have to e-mail an application sort of thing which tells me what you would like, please fill in the below and e-mail to raf@vector3.net

Admin Username:
Admin Password:
Subdomain Name:
Purpose for Hosting:

I might ask to put a little text link on the bottom, but we will see. Be sure to send the application to me and not post it here. smile


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That kind of sounds like a good idea but please make the versions free. Like one where you can remove the copyright notice and one under GPL. sad

Hmm maybe I was a to little on facts.

I was wondering if it was possible to offer forum hosting in php. Like a mod or something which allows you to host forums for others. Sort of like I described above.

I was wondering if it was possible to make a mod which allows outside users to sign up for their own forums and they all have to do is link it to their site. I'm talking about something like: http://yoursite.com/forum?user=1

Or something like that but all the posts go to that users forum and not others. If someone could make a mod like that it would be great.

Hey everyone,

I just got a really good idea that maybe all the developers out there could do. I was thinking about making a portal with punBB implemented into it sort of like the other ones out there with other forums. If any of you are interested in helping that would be great. This project will turn out good I hope. smile Post in this forum if any of you are interested.

Is anyone else interested in helping me out? This means that you would have time. Hope someone decides to e-mail me. sad

Hi there,

I installed punBB today and I never got the error about fetching the users. Did you edit any of the php files at all? Cause that may have been the problem.


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Ah that sucks. Better luck next time I hope. smile

If you have cPanel look around some of your logging tools. Usually there are some useful things there. You can look around hotscripts.com and look for some tracking scripts. Hope that helps you out a bit. smile

Hi everyone,

I'm currently making a site similar to devarticles.com and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in helping me out. That includes you Kennel tongue

Anyways, I was thinking about making this site with punBB thats where I will need your help on guys. If any of you are interested can you please e-mail me at raf@vector3.net or you can post on the forums. This would really help me but as well as you. I will give credit where credit is due. Tell me what you think guys. smile


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That feature would'nt sound to bad. Altough if its not done properly people might be able to make spammers and waste space on the server. Not sure if thats completely true. But they should be able to change their profile after they have registered. That way its much safer.

Hey Kennel, I was wondering if you could zip up and example with the modded php files. Its kind of hard to understand through forums post. Thanks.


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Sometimes weird things like that happen.

If anyone has any source codes available already that would really help. Thanks.

PunBB rocks!

Hi there,

I was just wondering if you could release an example of how to show the recent topics posted somewhere around your website. This would really help me around my website. Thanks.